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VCY Celebrates 50 Years of God's Continuing Miracle

It was May 15, 1961 Wednesday when VCY America began the Ministry of Christian broadcasting. Three teenagers came up with an idea to produce a fifteen minute, once a week radio program that would air each week. Their idea became a reality in a miraculous way as an unsolicited individual dropped by the VCY offices and gave the needed air time without charge.

On Saturday, May 7th, 2011, VCY America celebrated 50 years of Christian broadcasting. This ministry began as a local outreach, but has expanded now to a full network of stations across the Midwest, as well as now being available worldwide on the Internet.

This special VCY rally program presented a pictorial journey from VCY’s early beginning to the present. Many friends came and enjoyed the history of the VCY “continuing Miracle”. Following the pictorial presentation, Dr. Ed Hindson, speaker on the national TV broadcast, "The King Is Coming" , presented a Bible message dealing with the challenging days that surround us.

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About Dr. Ed Hindson

Dr. Ed Hindson is one of America´s outstanding Bible teachers. He is a Distinguished Professor at Liberty University in Virginia and the Bible teacher on The King is Coming telecast. He holds earned doctorates (Th.D., D.Min., D.Phil.) from Trinity, Westminster and the University of South Africa. Also, a Gold Medallion and Angel award winning author of 40 books. He and his wife Donna have three grown children and five grandchildren.

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