Posted on April 24th, 2015

Air Date: April 24, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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A large number of current news stories were highlighted, among them:

--The nation of Turkey is about to opena $100 million mosque in Maryland, which will be the largest and most opulant Islamic facility in the western hemisphere. The President of Turkey invited Barack Obama to attend, and he has agreed to participate in the opening of this mosque.

--An ISIS training publication, called the' Mujahid Guide', has been released which tells would-be and newbie terrorists how to navigate' unfamiliar lands ' such as the United States so as to avoid detection and arrest. It tells them how to hide their Muslim faith, how to blend in with their surroundings, how to be 'secret agents', how to raise money through credit card fraud, and how to keep their use of the Internet anonymous so it cannot be tracked. The underlying message is that Muslims currently in the West are ready to rise from their secret ranks and initiate attacks at a moment's notice.

--The nephew of Iran's ruling Ayatollah has sent an open letter to Barack Obama stating that his uncle was lying during the negotions with the United States over Iran's nuclear weapons program.

--Dish Network is being asked to drop carrying the pro-Mulsim Al Jazeera Network

--A new documentary warns that Islam will soon dominate Europe, and then the United States

--Oklahoma has passed a law protecting pastors and churches who do not participate in same-sex "wedding" ceremonies.

--Peter Singer, the 'Ethics' professor at Princeton University says it is morally acceptable to ration health care and thus enact 'non-voluntary euthanasia' on people who for one reason or another cannot understand the choice between life and death, including disabled babies, the elderly with dimentia, and others whose cognitive powers have been diminished through accidents.

--Dr. Ben Carson, a potential conservative Presidential Candidate, has lost the support of many conservatives after endorsing Ohio Senator Rob Portman for re-election, even though Portman has changed his position and now supports 'same-sex marriage'.

--Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is receiving praise for his strong statement of support for traditional marriage based on his faith, and for calling out gay-rights groups and even some corporations for their "bullying" tactics to try to force states to support gay marriage, as occurred recently in Indiana.

--Liberal Baptist Tony Compolo has urged Christians to support and vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

--The U.S. Senate has confirmed the nomination of Loretta Lynch, whose views mirror that of the disgraced Eric Holder, to be the next Attorney General, with the support of a Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and a number of other Republicans including some who normally hold conservative positions.

--Because of the surge of immigrants--both legal and illegal--in the next years, immigration will accounts 82% of the population growth in the United States

--In a recent speech Barack Obama admitted that an unborn baby actually has feet that kick

--The 'Non-Human Rights Project' is suing for equal rights for chimpanzees

and many more stories

More Information:

To contact the office of Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell:


Posted on April 23rd, 2015

Air Date: April 23, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim presented information from a number of recent articles and reports, that reveal that indoctrination of children by LGBT groups and teachers is both intentional, and widespread. One of their leaders said that when he said their purpose was' not to indoctrinate children' was a lie, and that in fact their purpose IS to indoctrinate children.

A recent article reported that Canadian lesbian teacher told how she taught children to become homosexual as young as four years old. She simply used conversations to lead their thinking towards accepting homosexual relationships, and was commissioned to go from class to class to introduce the subject.

Bryan Camenker of Mass Resistance reports that major U.S. Corporations are funding a sophisticated indoctrination program called 'Welcoming Schools', a project of the' Human Rights Campaign' which is going into schools across the nation. According to the program's description, it has three purposes:

--Embrace Family Diversity
--Avoid Gender Stereotyping
--End Bullying

The programs emphasis in the area of 'bullying' is to

--Protect 'the range of family diversity, including LGBT families'
--End' bias based bullying, including anti-LGBT slurs and put-downs'
--Eliminate 'gender stereotyping within discussions of bullying'

'Welcoming Schools' often begins with a program to

--Introduce the concept
--Tell the children it is normal
--Explain that parents and others who describe homosexuality in a negative way are bad, bigoted people.

In may schools assemblies are devoted to explaining what 'Gay Pride' means, with entertainment and songs to emphasize it.

The Secretary of Defense this week reported that sexual assaults in the military are increasing overall, but in 2014 a much larger number of sexual assaults were reported by men being assaulted by men, than women being assaulted by men.

The need for vigilance by parents and Christians in general was mentioned, including prayer, and action such as voting and getting involved themselves, in order to counteract the very organized efforts of GLBT activists to move school boards and staff towards emphasizing their agenda.

Posted on April 22nd, 2015

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Air Date: April 22, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: E. Calvin Beisner

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Dr. E. Calvin Beisner is the founder and national spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. He is an interdisciplinary scholar specializing on the application of the Christian worldview, theology and ethics to economics, government, environmental stewardship and public policy. He has served as both a college and seminary professor and has written 12 books and made contributions to over 30 books. He has testified as an expert witness on the ethics and economics of climate policy before congressional committees. He also lectures around the world.

Earth Day, which started in 1970, was founded in part to promote environmentalism. But it has also been complicit in the dissemination of false or exaggerated information. Early predictions were that the earth would be 12 degrees colder by the year 2000, double what would be needed to start a new ice age, and that increasing nitrogen in the atmosphere would eventually filter out all light, making the earth's surface unusable.

Despite these and many other unsupportable predictions, which have since been disproven, there have been few if any acknowledgement that the predictions were wrong. Instead, more dire prophecies take their place. Ultimately the view of the most radical environmentalists is that the world would be better off untouched by man, with some even proposing reducing the human population.

In contrast, in the Bible, God gave man the responsibility to populate the earth and to subdue it, which implies being good stewards of the earth, preserving and improving it. One recent example of good stewardship has been the increasing number of people who have access to safe drinking water.

Global Warming does occur from time to time, but is difficult to prove that it is increasing today. In fact, temperature measurements show there has been no warming for over 18 years. The computer models that result in doomsday predictions about the future assume global warming at twice the rate it has ever been observed. They make no allowance for zero or negative rates of global warming. So these computer models have proven to be wrong.

The Environmental Protection Agency has accomplished some good results; for example, requiring polluters to clean up the areas they have damaged. But in recent years they have stepped far beyond their initial mandate, which said nothing about controlling emmissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Their most recent rule would require a 30% reduction in CO2 emmissions by power plants by 2030, while admitting the effects would not be noticable. Compliance is estimated to cost about $50 billion per year, the loss of about $1,200 per year in income for the average family of four, and the loss of about 600,000 jobs.

These and other topics are covered in detail in a series of "Landmark Documents" posted on the Cornwall Alliance website, including

--Protect the Poor: Ten Reasons to Oppose Harmful Climate Change Policies

--A Call to Truth, Prudence, and Protection of the Poor 2014: The Case Against Harmful Climate Policies Get’s Stronger

--An Examination of the Scientific, Ethical, and Theological Implications of Climate Change

More Information

Cornwall Alliance Website

Posted on April 21st, 2015

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Air Date: April 21, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Larry Pratt

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Larry Pratt is Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, an organization dedicated to promoting the Second Amendment freedom of Americans to keep and bear arms. He has held elective office in the state legislature of Virginia serving in the House of Delegates. He is author of "On the Firing Line: Essays in the Defense of Liberty".

For years, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was the center of controversy over such issues as "Operation Choke Point", with which the Justice Department program hoped to destroy the firearms industry by cutting off credit and credit card processing to gun manufacturers and dealers, and "Fast and Furious", which literally ran guns into Mexico in the hope that their distribution could be traced, but which resulted in the death of at least one U.S. border Patrol agent who was shot with one of those guns.

After the announcement by the embattled Eric Holder that he was stepping down, President Barack Obama named Loretta Lynch as his choice to replace him. While she was questioned in committee hearings, the Senate debate and vote on whether to confirm that nomination has been held up pending settlement of other disputes with the Administration. Now that the nomination will be up for consideration by the Senate, perhaps within days, there is concern that many objections to her confirmation may be ignored.

Not surprisingly, Obama nominated someone who would, like Eric Holder, support the goals and procedures of his administration. Among other views, she is known to

--support the Amnesty for illegal aliens established through an Executive Order
--oppose the rights of citizens to own guns under the Second Amendment
--favor the use of civilian courts to try terrorists brought to this country to stand trial
--oppose the death penalty, which she describes as racist
--oppose voter ID requirements, which she also believes are racist
--support Planned Parenthood's opposition to partial birth abortion.

She also was involved with the international bank, HSBC, which failed in large part due to participation in money laundering of funds from the Mexican drug cartel.

In hearings during the months since here nominaton was announced, she as been grilled on these and other issues. But while she has shown detailed knowledge of federal laws and regulations when responding to charges that the use of executive orders and other unilateral actions are unconstitutional, she claims ignorance when asked about specific scandals on Eric Holders's watch, including "Operation Choke Point", and "Fast and Furious"--even when she has previously been asked specifically to look into them.

And the vote will only need a simple majority under Senate rules established under Senator Harry Reid when the Democrats controlled the Senate, thus effectively giving the minority Democrats control when Republicans could revise the rules again to require at least 60 votes to confirm.

More Information

Gun Owners of America website:

To express your views to your U.S. Senators about the Loretta Lynch nomination for Attorney General, and the need for only a simple majority to confirm it, call:

Capitol Switchboard
202-224-3121 (Senate)

You may also find the names of your two U.S. Senators, as well as their contact information, by going to:

Posted on April 20th, 2015

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Air Date: April 20, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Rick Manning

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Rick Manning is President of Americans for Limited Government. They are a non-partisan organization working to identify, expose and work with Congress and state legislatures to prevent the continued expansion of government.

A major trade agreement is being negotiated by the Obama administration, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is being described as the most comprehensive trade pact since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

But Mr. Manning sees many problems, not the least of which is that the treaty is being negotiated in secret, so that few details are being released. It is supposed to be a wonderful means of increasing the ability of American companies to do business overseas, and a number of manufacturing and business organizations are promoting its approval. The theory is that if it is "good for business, it is good for America". But if it is that good, why are details of the treaty not being presented as evidence of its benefits?

But others are concerned that it will not be "good" for America. They look at NAFTA, which among other things, resulted in the loss of huge numbers of American jobs to workers in other countries. The concern is this will have a much greater effect, since it will effectively affect trade world-wide, not just in North America. In addition, besides "trade" concerns, it is expected that the treaty will deal with "global warming", environmental concerns, gun control, abortion, the loosening of patent protections, and many other controversial issues being promoted by the Obama administration.

Another concern is that Congress is abrogating their Constitutional authority to debate, modify, and ratify or not ratify treaties. A procedure called "Fast Track Authority" is receiving support from both sides of the aisle, which essentially gives the administration the final say as to what is in the treaty.

Fast Track Authority legally replaces the constitutional requirement that treaties need to be ratified by the Senate with a two-thirds vote. This provides the options of a filibuster by those opposed to the treaty, or even tabling the treaty and not bringing it to a vote, thus exempting the United States from its requirements. Instead the three major parts of Fast Track include:

1. The treaty can be approved by a simple majority vote in both the Senate and the House, and the Senate does not have the filibuster option.
2. The time frame is limited in which it the vote must be taken.
3. The treaty must be voted up or down with no amendments allowed.

If it is passed, essentially it will impose international standards, thus making it impossible to negotiate future agreements. Because it is a treaty, it would negate American law--and even override the Constitution--so that even if Congress wanted to fix any negative effects, they could no longer do so.

Finally, the "Fast Track" approval is itself on a "fast track", with measures to authorize it likely to come to a vote as early as Thursday of this week.

More Information

Americans for Limited Government websites:

To express your views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the move to give it Fast Track Authority, contact your U.S. Senators and Representative:

Capitol Switchboard
202-224-3121 (Senate)
202-225-3121 (House)

Direct numbers for each Senator or Representative (including their local and regional offices) are available at

Posted on April 17th, 2015

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Air Date: April 17, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider brought listeners up-to-date on the latest activities in the news by presenting the following stories:

--Parents and students show support for former teacher in Lamar, Texas, over
Islamic handout controversy.
--Union Grove High School in Union Grove, Wisconsin, embroiled in controversy over
assignment that required students to write a 5 paragraph essay pretending to be
a Muslim and the daily struggles they would face as a student in the U.S.
--A school in Mason, Ohio, had a 'covered girl challenge' in which the Muslim
Student Association asked female students to wear a hijab to celebrate the
diversity of the school and promote open-mindedness.
--Iowa high school barred from starting a pro-life club on campus because it's
--Italian police say 15 African Muslim migrants arrested after witnesses claim the
refugees threw 12 Christians into the Mediterranean after a brawl.
--14 year old Christian boy doused with petroleum and set on fire because of his
faith died Tuesday in Pakistan.
--Islamic State militants in Mosul abduct 120 children from their classrooms to
ship to caliphate training camps.
--Global anti-semitism on the rise. Three-fifths of all religious hate crimes in
America are now committed against Jews.
--Officials at New York high school investigating a report of students wearing
shirts with pro-Nazi artwork/wording.
--21 year old man arrested for allegedly throwing firecrackers at a synagogue
while yelling Allahu Akbar.
--Christians are leaving the U.S. military or discouraged from joining due to a
work environment hostile to Christian beliefs.
--Navy chaplain removed from his post for private counseling advocating against
homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.
--Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institution labels the Bible, the
Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as sexist materials.
--Letters sent to six public universities after the schools receive complaints
from the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrongly stating that having basketball
team chaplains is unconstitutional.
--The words 'under God' stand firm in latest challenge by the American Humanist
--President Obama wields pen to begin the process of removing Cuba from the list
of state sponsors of terrorism.
--Ferguson, Missouri, riots prompted discussions about the need to demilitarize
police forces but now the trend seems to be going the opposite way.
--A bill from Congress that would enable them to review any nuclear deal with Iran
is coming under fire for allegedly altering the Constitution's requirements for
--Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum says he would not attend a same-sex wedding.
--Director of I.C.E. tells House Judiciary Committee that agents who do not
enforce the President's immigration priorities outlined in his November 20th
Department of Homeland Security memo could be fired for not following an agency
--Parents in Spokane, Washington, school district warned that children could be
pulled from classes if they aren't state compliant with vaccinations.
--Colorado officials reject discrimination complaint by man who said some
bakeries refused to make cakes with Bible verses.
--Liberty Counsel files brief before the U.S. Supreme Court to review the 3rd
Circuit's decision in King vs. Christie. This is Liberty Counsel's case on
behalf of licensed mental health professionals who are providing counseling to
reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions.
--White House decries therapy for homosexuals saying it should be illegal.
--Gay advocacy group releases report claiming that the number of Hollywood films
showing homosexual behavior has risen to a high of nearly 16 percent of films
released in 2014. Activists are not satisfied claiming a lack of leading roles
for homosexuals.

--Researchers in Hawaii recruiting girls as young as 14 to participate in second
trimester abortions in order to test whether a certain drug can reduce bleeding
during and after an abortion.

More Information

Lamar High School Principal Gene Tomas--832-223-3800
Lamar School District--832-223-0000

Union Grove School District--262-878-2434
School Board President Diane Skewes--262-488-1508

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