Posted on August 27th, 2015

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Air Date: August 27, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: James Daughtry

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James Daughtry was raised in a religious home but it was not until his Senior year in high school that he started reading the Bible and trusted Christ as Savior. After high school, the Lord put a burden on his heart for foreign missions. After graduating from Bible College he went to Mexico as a missionary. Through the years he has served as a missionary in various countries. He has taught for many years on the Bible's instructions for being a man. Through that experience he has authored a men's Bible study book, 'When I Became a Man.'

Young boys and teenagers are often looking for role models. Some choose sports figures, musicians, actors, etc., only to have that image shattered as that individuals falls into moral corruption of some kind. Add to this is the fact that some of these young men are from homes where there is no father so they have no source for learning what it means to be a man, much less what it means to become one according to the Bible.

When James was a young man in high school, he was learning a lot of things from society and 'the street' about being a man. However, after trusting Christ as his Savior, he wanted to know what the Bible said about this issue. So he attended a men's Bible study and afterward continued to search the Bible to see what God had to say about being a man. He then began to put together his own Bible studies and taught these principles to other men and eventually his book 'When I Became a Man' was published.

James noted that children are notorious for being irresponsible. You may have to tell a child 5 times to clean his room but as a man, hopefully at work when you are told to do something you know to do it the first time because if you have to be told 5 times, you may not have a job. In other words, as a boy matures, he needs to take up the responsibilities of being a man and we find them in the Word of God.

Here are some of the things you'll learn on this program:

--The accountability man has before God.
--Who is the perfect man?
--Is there a man in the Bible that exhibited child-like behavior?
--What men in the Bible exhibit positive qualities of manhood?
--The critical connection that needs to take place between older men and younger
--How should young men treat younger women and older women?

What's unique about this book is that it asks questions of the reader. That, in turn, forces the reader to open their Bible and find out what God's Word has to say about the specific issues relating to God's plan for men.

More Information:

To obtain a copy of the men's Bible study book, 'When I Became a Man'

Call 1-800-729-9829

Go to

or write to:

3434 W. Kilbourn Ave.
Milwaukee, WI. 53208

One copy is available for a donation of $11.
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Posted on August 26th, 2015

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Air Date: August 26, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: R Mark Musser

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R. Mark Musser is the pastor of Grace Redeemer Bible Church in Olympia, Washington. His website is  He is a contributing writer to the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation and author of the book, 'Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrifice of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust.'

Musser traced the philosophical roots of environmentalism back to the era before Nazism to the 1800's in Germany. He is not saying that modern-day environmentalists are Nazis, but that the philosophical roots of environmentalism can be traced back to the Nazi movement. Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were both extreme animal rights advocates. They blamed the Jews for much of what they considered to be cruelty to animals.

Musser also discussed some of the extreme examples of environmentalism and animal rights views of other Nazi leaders such as Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer, Martin Heidegger and Hitler's favorite philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Posted on August 25th, 2015

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Air Date: August 25, 2015

Host:  Gordon Morris

Guest: Sam Rohrer

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This Crosstalk captured part of a presentation by Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, as he spoke at a VCY America rally in March of this year. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the American Pastors Network identifies, encourages, equips, educates and networks with pastors and church members to stand in the gap for truth.

Sam taught that there will be an individual judgment for every word said and every deed done. But there have been national judgments as well. In fact, most of God's warnings and promises given in Scripture are national in context. Since nations cannot be judged in the hereafter, God does it in the here and now. This is why we must be concerned about government.

Teaching about civil government and the relationship of the Christian to it is not a matter of politics but a matter of teaching a biblical worldview and the understanding of how God has put his plan into effect for the nations. God's plan for the ages is that he works through nations to point people to Christ by understanding his earthly authority which points to him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Israel was established as a model for the nations both then and now. God made a covenant with Israel so some promises apply to them and only them, not to us or any other nation. In our case, America's founders made a covenant with God that they would build this nation on biblical principles with the understanding that those principles applied generally to any nation. However, they also knew that the framework of government they were establishing would only work if the citizens and those involved in government were submissive to the 10 Commandments and walked in the fear of the Lord.

In essence, we started just as Israel did with the understanding that if we obey God, he would bless us. If we forsake him, he would walk away from us.

Starting in Ezekiel 20, Sam reminds listeners about the charges God levied against Israel as they walked away from Him. Those charges are murder and idolatry. The sentence involved making them a disgrace to the heathen nations.

When listening to this broadcast you can't help but see the parallels between the sins of Old Testament Israel and modern day America. We see this not only in the sins we are participating in but also the consequences that are pressing in upon us.

Have we gone too far and is the final curtain about to fall regardless of our response? Find out when you review this sobering edition of Crosstalk.

More Information:

To obtain a copy of the entire presentation from the VCY America rally on CD or DVD call 1-800-729-9829 during regular office hours. Ask for the Sam Rohrer rally from March of 2015--'I Sought for a Man.' You can also order online by going to  When the page comes up, click on 'Resources,' then the 'Crosstalk Store.'

Posted on August 24th, 2015

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Air Date: August 24, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Marty Zide

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Marty Zide is the director of the Midwest Messianic Center. As a Jew he placed his trust in Jesus as his Messiah in December of 1971.

Marty grew up in a reformed Jewish home. He compared reformed Judaism to the Sadducees of Christ's day who were the liberal sect of Judaism. He went to temple two days a year with his parents not attending at all because of their work. They did, however, celebrate Passover and Hanukkah.

In April 1971 Marty received his orders to report for service in the Army Reserves and participated for 4 months in active duty in Kentucky. At the same time, his two close friends, one Gentile and one Jewish, went to California for the summer and ended up becoming followers of Christ.

The plan was that when they came back from California and he left the Reserves, the three of them were going to move to Columbia, Missouri, go to school and rent an apartment. That's exactly what happened. As Marty soon found out, living with two new Christian believers meant he'd become a target as he admitted to being pummeled with the gospel.

Marty's attention was drawn to the changes that were taking place in the lives of his two friends. When questioned, they would point to the fact that they were followers of Jesus so they just didn't do certain things anymore.

This lead Marty to begin reading the Bible beginning with Matthew. He discovered that the picture of Jesus he had in his mind was very different from the one described in the Bible. That brought about conviction and the eventual understanding of his need for Jesus as the Messiah in December of '71.

Review this Crosstalk and find out how you can benefit from Marty's experience. You'll hear about effective portions from Scripture that can be shared and other tips so you can communicate the marvelous love of Christ to Jewish people that God places in your life.

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Posted on August 21st, 2015

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Air Date: August 21, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider once again took listeners on a rapid tour of the headlines making news. Stories included:

--300 plus cities are scheduled to be protesting tomorrow against Planned
Parenthood in light of the content of recently released undercover videos.
--7th shocking video is revealed detailing the harvesting of the brain of an
aborted baby with the heart still pumping.
--Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is coming under fire for setting up huge movie
screens and speakers so that protestors can see and hear the undercover videos
exposing Planned Parenthood.
--President Obama's Health and Human Services Department told Congress that
Planned Parenthood has been following the law in its practice of obtaining fetal
tissue and body parts for sale.
--Democrats in the House launching their own investigation probing the group
behind the undercover videos.
--Former satanist claims to have performed ritual abortions inside abortion
--Florida State Agency for Health Care Administration found that Planned
Parenthood had repeatedly violated its license to perform abortions only during
the first trimester. Now Planned Parenthood is suing Florida claiming that the
AHCA changed its definition of 'the first trimester.'
--The mainstream media ignores massive Planned Parenthood scandal but doesn't
ignore a bomb scare at a Wichita, Kansas, abortion clinic.
--One of the House committees is looking to see if there's any connection between
the Obama administration and Planned Parenthood involving fetal tissue.
--A federal judge orders the State Department to work with the FBI to respond to
legal demands for details about Hillary Clinton's practice.
--The former director of Central Intelligence says that former Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton 's use of an unsecured e-mail server while conducting highly
sensitive government business shows a leader who is dangerous to the republic.
--Blackberry devices belonging to Clinton aids Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills were
returned to the State Department but were likely destroyed.
--Iran to be allowed to use its own experts to inspect a site it allegedly used to
develop nuclear arms under a secret agreement with a U.N. agency that normally
carries out such work.
--Iranian leaders have prevented a top International Atomic Energy Agency
official from disclosing to U.S. officials the nature of secret side deals with
the Islamic republic by threatening harm to him.
--Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon that complies with Islamic law should be
grounds enough for Congress to kill the agreement between Iran and the West.
--Russia has agreed to deliver an advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Iran.
--4 rockets shot into northern Israel yesterday afternoon from Syria.
--ISIS released another 157 U.S. Air Force pilot names.
--ISIS beheads an 82 year old archaeologist.
--ISIS said to have used chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in northern
--ISIS stoned 5 women to death for not wearing the veil and refusing to comply
with the orders of the organization.
--The FBI is warning about a terror attack against Muslims in America by militia
--U.S. Representative Bill Posey of Florida presented evidence that the Centers
for Disease Control destroyed data linking the MMR vaccine to autism.
--Representative Justin Price asks the State Department of Health to rescind its
mandatory requirement that all students beginning with the 7th grade receive the
HPV vaccination.
--A British city council member tells street preachers that he supports their
right to speak on public streets as long as they don't talk about morality.
--A citizen complained about a memorial that features a silhouette of a soldier
holding a gun and kneeling in front of a cross because it promotes Christianity.
--Alliance defending Freedom has sent letters to 17 sheriffs offices and police
departments around the nation after receiving complaints from an atheist group
alleging that displaying the official U.S. national motto 'In God we trust' on
department vehicles is unconstitutional.
--The Pentagon is granting 2 million dollars for state and federal officials in
Nevada to protect Sage Grouse habitat.
--The EPA unveils plans to slash methane emissions from oil and gas production
almost in half.
--The State of California is planning to use eminent domain to acquire hundreds of
farms in the delta for a controversial multi-billion dollar underground water
tunnel project proposed by Governor Jerry Brown.
--Washington, D.C., experiences a 23% increase in homicides this year.
--Los Angeles mayor signs legislation to confiscate magazines of ammunition that
hold more than ten rounds.
--The pastor of the Washington Missionary Baptist Church is arming 10 parishioners
so that his worshipers feel safe.
--The Department of Defense notifies lawmakers that teams will visit two military
installations in the U.S. to conduct site surveys looking to transfer a limited
number of Guantanamo detainees.
--Somali refugees get ready to meet with city officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
--A Honduran national admits that he tried to smuggle drugs into the U.S. via an
underwater tunnel.
--Navy Seals 'brotherhood' now includes women if they can pass the criteria.
--A transgender Navy Seal says that integration must not hinder military
--The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts has reversed a controversial
decision to replace the terms 'mother' and 'father' with 'parent 1' and 'parent
--Several states are reporting a paper crisis after an Ohio company that produces
highly specialized paper for vital records closed without warning. This is
causing the rationing of birth, marriage and death certificates in some areas.
--The Texas State Senate has passed an anti-Shariah law bill.

Posted on August 20th, 2015

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Air Date: August 20, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Mark Massey

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Is your family in crisis? Are the relationships you have with your children perhaps not what they should be? Are you concerned about a child that is making wrong decisions? Is rebellion by one or more children an issue and creating stress? The Bible tells us to bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord but how do we go about doing that? What if our kids just won't listen?

If one or more of these questions describes your household, this Crosstalk provided some answers as it presented Mark Massey as the guest. Mark is the director of Victory Academy for Boys, a group of God-loving, discipleship professionals dedicated to strengthening families in crisis with the truths of Scripture.

Is there hope for the home going through crisis? Mark believes there is via accountability with godly people and keeping yourself immersed in the truths of God's Word.

Mark noted that the pressures that teens are experiencing are the same as they've always been but they come out in peculiar ways within the context of the current culture. For example, he sees today's teens struggling with the reality of God yet they are greatly affected by the influence and impact of the media, particularly through the gateway of the Internet. This forms the view of reality for young people and where God fits. That's important because for the young person God doesn't generally fit in the movies, social media or the sexual struggles. In the end, God gets sidelined. So Mark sees reality of God as key to helping young people.

Another point he explained in greater detail was the sexual struggle. In times past, this was something that went unexplained in the context of many families. It's out in the open today. On the positive side it gives us a chance to deal with it but on the other hand Mark described this topic as being so 'out there' that our kids are having to deal with a lot of 'trash.'

Acceptance and security is also important for youth. You may have been brought up to be quiet and just accept what your parents said as real and right. However, today with the Internet and the hyper-exposure to communication, the thought of just accepting what is true just isn't going to happen. This means kids have to somehow be able to question things yet still feel secure and accepted.

Mark brings help and hope for struggling families by also looking at:

--The 'Where did I ever go wrong?' question put forth by some parents.
--Facing the reality of the importance to teach our children what they need to
know about God right now.
--What to do when a child doesn't respond to training in the truth.
--The Wild Heart Adventure camp.

More Information:

Victory Academy for Boys

Wild Heart Adventure Camp

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