Evidence Confirms a Young Earth

Posted on December 4th, 2012

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Air Date: December 4, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Georgia Purdom

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Dr. Purdom graduated with a Ph.D. in molecular Genetics from Ohio State University. Her specialty is cellular and molecular biology. She has published papers in the Journal of Neuroscience and other professional journals. She is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and American Society for Cell Biology and also the Creation Research Society. She also serves as a peer reviewer for Answers Research Journal and Creation Science Quarterly. She is a dynamic speaker and researcher with Answers in Genesis and is the only female Ph.D. scientist engaged in full-time speaking and research for a biblical creationist organization in North America.

In spite of the obvious genealogies from Genesis chapters 5-11, there are still many, including notable people such as Pat Robertson and Bill Nye the Science Guy, who believe and are communicating to the public that the earth is millions or even billions of years old.

This program looks at evidences that run counter to the old earth assumptions. Some of these include:

**Very little sediment on the sea floor—An age in the range of billions of years would
have deposited much more sediment than we see.
**Bent rock layers—This bending can only occur when the layers are soft. They
couldn’t have possibly kept their soft consistency over billions of years.
**Soft tissue in fossils—Scientists are finding blood vessels, red blood cells and even
proteins, in dinosaur bones; elements that shouldn’t be available in bones alleged to be
about 65 million years old.
**Faint Sun Paradox—This deals with the rate of nuclear fusion as it pertains to the sun.
An old sun would be fainter and wouldn’t have heated the earth much and there’s
simply no evidence in the geologic record to suggest a very cold earth.
**Rapidly decaying magnetic field—We know the earth’s magnetic field was 40%
stronger in A.D. 1,000 so if you extrapolate back, the earth can’t be more than about
20,000 years old.
**Carbon 14—Carbon 14 is found mainly but not exclusively in living things. It has a
rapid radioactive decay rate and therefore can’t be used to accurately measure ages
beyond about 80,000 years. So if something has measurable Carbon 14, it must be
less than 80,000 years old.
**Short lived comets—If the universe is billions of years old, short lived comet activity
should not be occurring.
**Very little salt in the sea—If the earth was truly billions of years old, the sea would be
much saltier than it is today even accounting for different removal and deposition rates.
**Bacteria from a salt crystal dated to be 250 million years old was discovered to have
DNA that is nearly identical to DNA from living bacteria today. Scientists expected
today’s bacteria to have evolved to be much different proving once again that the earth
can’t possibly be millions of years old.

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