Posted on June 22nd, 2015

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Air Date: June 22, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Erich Pratt

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Erich Pratt is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America.

News outlets continue to report on last Wednesday's deadly shooting at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Within hours after the incident took place, President Obama used it as an opportunity to repeat his anti-gun/anti-2nd Amendment sentiments. It's an interesting position for a President who's released illegal aliens with criminal records who went on to murder 121 Americans between 2010 and 2014.

Erich said we shouldn't be too surprised at President Obama's quick call to use this incident to speak out against guns because this fits into something his administration has touted throughout his entire time in office. It's the idea that you should never let a tragedy go to waste.

He went on to note that people have a natural, God-given right to defend themselves. Unfortunately the President wants to essentially punish law abiding people for what a few “bad apples” have done and extend infringements on the rights of others. This doesn't stop people from getting guns and if anything makes it difficult for good people to be able to protect themselves.

Erich also pointed out why the President is wrong in saying that this kind of mass violence doesn't occur in other advanced nations. He reminded listeners about France where they have the kind of gun laws President Obama is in favor of. The problem is, such laws didn't stop the Charlie Hebdo shootings that in 48 hours resulted in 17 deaths nor did they prevent the Norway shooting in 2011 that resulted in 69 deaths.

When you combine these incidents with the countless times that concealed carry laws have allowed law-abiding citizens to thwart potential tragedies, you can't help but question the logic behind the formation of gun-free zones. Erich explained that perpetrators like gun-free zones but once someone starts firing back, typically that changes the equation, the attack ends and the perpetrator runs away.

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Posted on June 19th, 2015

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Air Date: June 19, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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After beginning the program with a brief lesson that looked at the history of Fathers Day, Jim asked the following question: 'Did your father teach you a principle that you've tried to model?'

With Father's Day approaching, Jim took calls from numerous Crosstalk listeners who answered this question, showing that strong fatherhood pays dividends that can last for generations.

Posted on June 18th, 2015

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Air Date: June 18, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider provided this news update via the following stories. Listener comment followed. Stories included:

--Fast Track legislation (Trade Promotion Authority) that would allow the
President to approve trade deals was approved by the House of Representatives.
--According to 7 openly homosexual U.S. ambassadors,international free trade
agreements should help to export American values including LGBTI values.
--In spite of the activities of ISIS and other terrorist organizations that are
steeped in Islam, President Obama provides a positive statement concerning
--Islam has a price on the head of Islamic critic Pamela Geller.
--Suspected ISIS sympathizer allegedly attacks New York City law enforcement
agents in widespread terror sweep.
--NYPD ramps up recruitment of Muslim police officers.
--A Phoenix man who helped orchestrate a shootout at a Mohammed drawing event in
Texas also had aspirations to join ISIS and attack the Super Bowl.
--6 Guantanamo detainees have been transferred to Oman.
--Syrian refugees arriving in American cities and towns.
--Egyptian boys accused of having offended Islam have been released on bail while
trial is expected to continue after Ramadan.
--The Obama administration gives invitation to jihadists to join military forces
in the Middle East to be trained by U.S. troops.
--Shooter at Charleston, South Carolina, church captured at a traffic stop in
Shelby, North Carolina.
--Members of upset over Chobani yogurt ad depicting lesbians
in bed.
--Former Boy Scout confesses to killing his former troop leader due to sexual
abuse beginning at the age of 8.
--The Obama administration may soon force faith-based charitable groups to hire
homosexuals and transsexuals in order to obtain federal grants.
--Southern Baptists pass a resolution opposing gay marriage.
--80 year old Tony Campolo says he now fully supports same-sex marriage.
--Secretary of State John Kerry to meet with Chinese leaders for the annual
U.S./China Strategic and Economic Dialogue and then hold a dinner at Mount
Vernon. This event will be held less than 3 weeks after it was discovered that
the personnel files of approximately 4 million current and former federal
employees had been allegedly hacked by the Chinese.
--Thousands of patients being killed under euthanasia laws in Belgium.
--Administrators from Christian schools nationwide sign on to a letter urging
Congress to pass a law that would protect religious schools from punishment due
to their biblical beliefs concerning marriage.
--The Supreme Court strikes down a disputed law that would have allowed Americans
born in Jerusalem to list their birthplace as Israel on their U.S. passports.
--Brazil is starting to count and identify the Jews in that nation.
--VA centers celebrating June as gay pride month.
--Department of Homeland Security may be collecting video of citizens as part of a
project to look at behavioral indicators that can be used to predict crimes.
--Since President Obama has taken office in 2009, the EPA has issued 3,373 new
final regulations equaling over 29,000 pages in the federal register.

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Senate Switchboard

Chobani Yogurt

Posted on June 17th, 2015

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Air Date: June 17, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Twila Brase

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This is the month when the U.S. Supreme Court will be deciding on a ruling in the landmark case of King v. Burwell. This case will determine if Obamacare subsidies being used by residents in states with no health exchanges are lawful.

Joining Jim to discuss this topic was Twila Brase. Twila is the president and co-founder of the Citizen's Council for Health Freedom, an advocate for protecting health care choices, individualized patient care and medical and genetic privacy rights. She is a certified public health nurse and regularly meets with legislative officials and provides daily commentary on the Health Freedom Minute.

According to Twila, a decision for King and against the administration could cause Obamacare to implode. In light of this possibility, she has developed 3 scenarios that could take place and their implications.

First of all the Supreme Court could rule that the subsidies given through are illegal and must cease. This would mean that the subsidies that the federal government is now giving to the health plans would not be payed out to the 6.5 million individuals who are currently receiving them. Recipients would, however, still be able to keep the insurance that they have assuming they're willing to pay the full price for it.

Secondly, as in the first point, the court could rule that the subsidies are illegal but could say that their ruling is effective at a later date. This way, anyone who has enrolled for a year would be able to keep theirs through the end of the year. That would give Congress time to change the law if they feel it's necessary.

Finally, the court could rule in favor of the administration therefore the subsidies would be able to be given both through the state exchanges and the federal exchange and everything would continue just as it is today. This would basically be an expansion of Obamacare beyond what the plain reading of the law says. This would be an attack on the rule of law.

What about premium increases because of the number of sick people and low enrollment? Why can't 2.8 billion in subsidies be verified due to Obamacare? What is the latest regarding Obamacare data privacy concerns? Discover the answers when your review this edition of Crosstalk.

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Citizen's Council for Health Freedom

Capitol Switchboard

Posted on June 16th, 2015

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Air Date: June 16, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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This edition of Crosstalk took a look at some interesting contrasts. The first one dealt with the death of two women this past Sunday who were 88 years old. One of these women devoted herself to the Lord Jesus Christ and the other fought the Lord in many ways, most notably through her efforts to support abortion while advising people to turn away from the Gospel.

The first woman mentioned was Christian author and broadcaster Elisabeth Elliot. Elliot, the host of the radio program Gateway to Joy for many years, was also well known for her work with her first husband Jim who was a missionary to and who died at the hands of the Auca Indians of Ecuador.

The second was Anne Gaylor, prominent feminist, atheist and abortion rights activist. She was the principle founder of the Madison, Wisconsin, based Freedom From Religion Foundation, the nation's largest group of atheists and agnostics. She was known for calling abortion a blessing and the Bible a grim fairytale.

Next, Jim contrasted Bruce Jenner and his change to Caitlin Jenner with Rachael Dolezal, the former head of the Spokane NAACP who has insisted she is black. If Jenner can be considered a hero for morphing into a woman in spite of physical evidence to the contrary, then why can't Dolezal claim the identity of a black woman?

Other contrasts Jim looked at included:

2 controversial trade related bills, Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would empower President Obama to finish massive free trade agreements, namely the Trans Pacific Partnership. Republicans complain about President Obama's authority and power in the trade process yet Congress is 'sitting on the fence.'

President Obama is in favor of gun control as if guns alone kill people. What about control of illegals? After all, 121 murders have been attributed to illegals released by the Obama administration.

The White House Office of Management and Budget approved new plans to regulate airline emissions...except...if President Obama is on board.

A high school in Washington is implanting IUD's in teen girls without the consent of their parents. So here we have girls that can't get a soda at their high school yet can obtain an IUD to prevent pregnancy.

About 50 teachers and administrators from one Pennsylvania school district attended a recent training session on Islam and Arabic culture during an all-day in-service workshop payed at taxpayer expense. Where's the cry of 'separation of church and state' regarding this incident?

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To contact the House of Representatives and state your views regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership, call 202-224-3121.

Posted on June 15th, 2015

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Air Date: June 15, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: James Daughtry

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James Daughtry was raised in a religious home but it was not until his Senior year in high school that he started reading the Bible and trusted Christ as Savior. After high school, the Lord put a burden on his heart for foreign missions. After graduating from Bible College he went to Mexico as a missionary. Through the years he has served as a missionary in various countries. He has taught for many years on the Bible's instructions for being a man. Through that experience he has authored a men's Bible study book, 'When I Became a Man.'

Young boys and teenagers are often looking for role models. Some choose sports figures, musicians, actors, etc., only to have that image shattered as that individuals falls into moral corruption of some kind. Add to this is the fact that some of these young men are from homes where there is no father so they have no source for learning what it means to be a man, much less what it means to become one according to the Bible.

When James was a young man in high school, he was learning a lot of things from society and 'the street' about being a man. However, after trusting Christ as his Savior, he wanted to know what the Bible said about this issue. So he attended a men's Bible study and afterward continued to search the Bible to see what God had to say about being a man. He then began to put together his own Bible studies and taught these principles to other men and eventually his book 'When I Became a Man' was published.

James noted that children are notorious for being irresponsible. You may have to tell a child 5 times to clean his room but as a man, hopefully at work when you are told to do something you know to do it the first time because if you have to be told 5 times, you may not have a job. In other words, as a boy matures, he needs to take up the responsibilities of being a man and we find them in the Word of God.

Here are some of the things you'll learn on this program:

--The accountability man has before God.
--Who is the perfect man?
--Is there a man in the Bible that exhibited child-like behavior?
--What men in the Bible exhibit positive qualities of manhood?
--The critical connection that needs to take place between older men and younger
--How should young men treat younger women and older women?

What's unique about this book is that it asks questions of the reader. That, in turn, forces the reader to open their Bible and find out what God's Word has to say about the specific issues relating to God's plan for men.

More Information

To obtain a copy of the men's Bible study book, 'When I Became a Man'

Call 1-800-729-9829
Go to

or write to:

3434 W. Kilbourn Ave.
Milwaukee, WI. 53208

One copy is available for a donation of $11.
5 copies are available for a donation of $40. (Must ship to same address)
10 copies are available for a donation of $69 (Must ship to same address)

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