Posted on June 8th, 2016

​Date:   June 8, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

Guest:  Shahram Hadian

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​Islamophobia is defined as the dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. Many people are quick to throw that accusation/label around in spite of the fact that the U.S. State Department has issued a report that has counted 11,774 terrorist attacks in 92 nations in 2015.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Shahram Hadian. Shahram was born in Iran into a Muslim family. His father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, his mother an elementary school teacher. His parents had a sense of urgency to leave Iran in 1978 and moved to the United States. While in the states, Shahram committed his life to Jesus Christ. This brought immediate disapproval from his family and his culture. Shahram, now a former Muslim, has begun the TIL Project. The Truth in Love Project exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Shariah in America. He also exposes the lie of Chrislam, the false claim that Christianity and Islam have a common god and a common word. He ran for office of Governor in Washington State in 2012. He has served as a police officer and a pastor.

Shahram believes that the term 'Islamophobia' is being used to silence critics. This makes him cringe because it carries with it the idea of slandering a Muslim or Islam, even in light of descriptions that depict Islam in a factual way.

What people need to realize is that when a Muslim charges anyone with slander, that's a death threat because according to the teachings of Islam, not only can the person who brought the charge of slander be faced with going to hell, they can also potentially be put to death. In spite of this, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the interfaith liberal-progressive groups are using this term brilliantly to silence people who are in opposition to Islam.

'Islamophobia' is said to be an irrational fear. CAIR uses the term to label people who they claim are against Muslims. As a former Muslim, Shahram is not against individual Muslims. He feels that if he's supposed to be killed because he left Islam, how could his concern for his life and warning people about a teaching and philosophy that teaches death to apostates be considered irrational?

Shahram went on to note that it isn't just Muslims that are using this term. The interfaith/liberal-progressive leftist agenda that doesn't want to be labeled as 'Islamophobic' is also using the term.

Jim proved this by mentioning a Minnesota source (KMSP television) that reported on a Minnesota-made campaign to fight 'Islamophobia'. It's being spearheaded by the Minnesota Council of Churches. They're distributing yard signs in 8 different states around the nation to assure Muslims as they are in Ramadan that 'Islamophobia' is not a universal feeling.

Shahram responded by noting that this isn't just the embracing of Islam but it's also the protection of Islam. He explained how this happened in Mohammed's day as well as there were Christians and Jews who also protected him. This was done because at the time, the Arabs within Saudi Arabia and Mecca wanted to kill Mohammed. Shahram believes this will continue in our day until Islam gets the upper hand. Should that happen, they will turn on those who helped them--the LGBT members, the feminists and those of the interfaith movement.

Shahram also explained how Shariah cannot be implemented and protected under the First Amendment. We can protect the religious components but others that deal with the criminal, civil, financial, military, etc. cannot be protected because they violate our constitution. In other words, here in America we've operated with the understanding of a separation that is necessary between that which is ecclesiastical and that which involves crime and other civil matters. Unfortunately there are those who are destroying this process and as it pertains to Islam, if you try and maintain that separation, you are at risk for being labeled, 'Islamophobic'.

In the end, Shahram believes CAIR is merely following the blueprint from the Muslim Brotherhood document called 'The Explanatory Memorandum' that was discovered by the FBI. The problem is, we have a government that is complicit in this process to such a degree that Shahram feels the fox is not only in the hen house, it's actually controlling the hen house. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood believes they can 'flip' a nation with only a 5%-8% Muslim population base while controlling the media, education, government and the churches which is just what they're doing in Europe.

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Posted on June 7th, 2016

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:   June 7, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

Guest:  Larry Pratt​

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​Jim began this Crosstalk broadcast with news concerning the Marius and Ruth Bodnariu family from Norway. Their 4 children were abducted by officials because of their faith.

The children are now returning home. The input of listeners was critical because within 15 minutes after the end of the May 19th Crosstalk that dealt with this issue, VCY America had received communication by e-mail from the Norwegian embassy asking what was said on the air.

Larry Pratt is the executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America, a national grassroots organization representing more than 1.5 million Americans dedicated to promoting their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms. Larry published a book, 'Armed People Victorious', was editor of 'Safeguarding Liberty: The Constitution & Militias', and his latest book,'On the Firing Line: Essays in the Defense of Liberty'.

How does Larry account for the drop in the national homicide rate while gun sales have skyrocketed? He noted that year after year in state after state, the data indicates that the more citizens who are armed, the more violent crime decreases. That includes the murder rate where jurisdictions make it easier for people to get a concealed carry permit.

Larry estimated that in its current form, the concealed carry permit movement probably started almost 30 years ago. Since that time, mostly through legislative action and some by court action, all 50 states has some kind of concealed carry law. 12 states have concealed carry that's permitted as a matter of right, with no permits required. It's called 'constitutional carry'. Alaska is one example in this category. Predictions suggested that there would be blood flowing in the streets. The opposite has occurred as violent crime is down in the state. Unfortunately, the problem is that the media doesn't want to talk about some of the great stories where average citizens with guns are stopping crime.

Larry also noted how women are purchasing guns. To highlight how important that decision can be, he recalled the story of a woman who had been in an abusive relationship. After breaking off the relationship, she obtained a restraining order. She applied to the chief of police in her town to get a gun. The permission never came and she was murdered in her driveway by her ex-boyfriend who used a knife.

Concerning the shooting at UCLA, Larry said Gun Owners of America looked back at the initial news accounts and he believes it clearly gave the impression that a man had been killed but the body count was unknown. The murderer killed himself almost immediately so it wasn't what one typically associates with a mass murder but instead was a grudge murder. Larry noted that the media immediately assumed that since UCLA was a gun-free zone, how many others are going to be killed? He sees that as a good assumption, yet they remain wedded to the idea of having these kind of zones.

Larry commented that confiscation of firearms is something that the President has indicated both from his voting as an Illinois senator and from statements he's made during his presidency. Gun Owners of America has publicly challenged the President and others who have the same opinion indicating that if that's the way you believe, then why not lead by example and tell the Secret Service to leave their guns at home because all those guns will lead to an escalation of violence.

There's much more from Larry, audio from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as listener opinions on this important Crosstalk broadcast.

More Information:

Gun Owners of America


Posted on June 6th, 2016

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:   June 6, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

Guest:  William Federer

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​72 years ago, the largest amphibious invasion took place on what became known as D-Day. What were the events that led up to that point?

Joining Jim to present listeners with the history behind this key event was William Federer. William is a nationally known speaker, author and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America's noble heritage. He has authored numerous books including, 'America's God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations', 'BackFired: A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion', 'Prayers & Presidents', 'The Original 13: History of Religion in America's First Thirteen States', and over a dozen others.

After World War I, Germany had to pay reparations to England and France. Germany decided to inflate their currency which meant they were paying back the reparations with worthless Marks. This meant that savings were suddenly gone leaving Germans bankrupt.

Out of the ashes, and promising hope and change, came a man named Adolph Hitler. Hitler was the head of the German socialist workers party. On January 30th of 1933, he was elected chancellor of Germany and promised citizens free health care.

A month later, the German Reichstag (parliament building) was set on fire under suspicious circumstances. In the midst of the confusion, Hitler seized complete control of the government with emergency powers, suspended basic rights and accused his political opponents of conspiracy. He conducted mass arrests and ordered that those arrested be killed. In the end, all of Hitler's political opponents were dead and he became the undisputed dictator of Germany.

General Eisenhower spoke of beseeching the blessing of almighty God for '...a great and noble undertaking.' What was that? Germany had taken over Austria and was moving through Europe and allied forces were poised to respond.

When D-Day arrived, the allied forces were comprised of 5,000 ships, 195,700 Navy personnel and 13,000 aircraft. The sea was heavily fortified along the beaches of Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juneau, Sword and Pointe du Hoc. 9,000 were either killed or wounded.

In the 6 months from June to December of 1944, the Nazi's were pushed back enough that half of Europe was free. In December, the Nazi's made a last ditch effort to push back toward the sea. That effort caused the line of Nazi resistance to 'bulge' hence the name, 'Battle of the Bulge'.

Eventually the Nazi's literally ran out of fuel and became stuck at a small Belgian city where 8 roads came together. Allied forces continued to push the Nazi's back until April of 1945 at which time Hitler killed himself.

This Crosstalk is peppered with descriptions of biblical remarks and actions by various American leaders along with facts that show the parallel between what happened in Germany and the similar trends that have been and continue to take place in America as well.

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Posted on June 3rd, 2016

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:   June 3, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

Guest:  Sam Rohrer

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​Jim began by noting that while there are churches that are taking a stand for biblical truth, there are others that are capitulating to popular thought and opinion. Some have compromised on marriage, morality, decency and life. Others are so focused on entertainment that God's Word is hardly regarded. Some have cut out portions of Scripture because they are in conflict with a world that has turned itself against God. Some pastors are feeling the pressure of church boards and/or congregations to avoid certain issues for the sake of unity.

Jim then introduced Sam Rohrer. Sam is the president of the American Pastors Network and the Pennsylvania Pastors Network. He served 18 years in the Pennsylvania legislature and was a former candidate for governor in Pennsylvania. In his role with the American Pastors Network he encourages pastors to boldly preach biblical truth, especially on issues affecting our current society.

Jim stated the following, ' all we talk about today, the number one issue that pulpits must proclaim across this nation and not compromise on is the life saving message of the gospel—Jesus Christ died for our sins, he was buried he rose again the third day—this is a message that is essential and is the basis for everything else we talk about here on the broadcast today.'

Sam replied by stating that he was glad Jim began where he did because that's the point where freedom begins. He doesn't believe it is possible to really understand or appreciate civil freedom until you understand and have tasted spiritual freedom which is being free from our bondage to sin. That must be the primary message of the gospel but unfortunately that's where Sam feels many pastors stop. After that, pastors need to take people to the point of discipleship and that is something greatly lacking in America today.

For Sam the whole issue comes down to whether or not you recognize that God through Jesus Christ is authoritative and is all truth. This is the difficulty we face as we move away from a Judeo-Christian recognition of who and what truth is into the subjective culture. This means that today, the 'odd man out' is the Christian. You can hold a firm view on everything else but not on biblical truth yet it's biblical truth that God will ultimately measure us by both now and later.

So if you've ever wondered what happened to the concept of 'Thus saith the Lord', join Jim as he has Sam answer that question in this 2016 challenge to America's pulpits.

More Information:

Posted on June 2nd, 2016

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:   June 2, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

Guest:  E. Ray Moore

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​What is Common Core? How is it being used to influence children? Is it something new or is it actually an old idea packaged in a new wrapper?

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was E. Ray Moore. He's the president of Frontline Ministries, Inc. and the Exodus Mandate Project. He is a retired Chaplain and Lieutenant Colonel with the United States Army Reserve. He's the author of 'Let My Children Go,' the executive producer of the film, 'Indoctrination' and on this program he brought attention to the DVD, 'Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free.'

Common Core is a new term for an old agenda where new national standards have been created. It began under Horace Mann who kicked off the concept of state-sponsored public schools in the 1830's and '40's in Boston. From there you move into the progressive era in the turn of the 20th century with John Dewey.

President Bush (Senior) had 'America 2000,' President Clinton had 'Goals 2000,' Bush (Jr.) had 'No Child Left Behind' and President Obama has had 'Race to the Top.' Moore believes all of these are the unfolding of the same agenda that involves control and indoctrination through government schools. It's part of a worldwide socialism model to dumb-down the culture and move away from traditional pedagogy and education.

Organizations involved in the formation of Common Core included the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. It started with language arts and math and Moore believes it will move into social studies and history. They were largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Moore believes the root of this effort involves humanism and secularism and that it has bi-partisan support at the national level.

If you're concerned about how Common Core is affecting textbooks, the atmosphere in the classrooms or how it may even affect our national sovereignty, you'll want to review this Crosstalk broadcast.

More Information:

To obtain a copy of the DVD-Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free, go to or call 1-800-729-9829.

Posted on June 1st, 2016

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:   June 1, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

Guest:  Pastor David Brown

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​Dr. David Brown is pastor of First Baptist Church of Oak Creek, WI. He holds a masters degree in theology and a Ph.D. in history, specializing in the history of the English Bible. He is the president of the King James Bible Research Council, an organization dedicated to promoting the King James Bible and its underlying texts. He is also the president of Logos Communication Consortium, a research organization that produces a large variety of materials warning Christians of present dangers in our culture. Dr. Brown is also on the board of directors of the Center for Research & Preservation of the Majority Texts.

According to Dr. Brown, 3 events brought the world out of the Dark Ages: Development of moveable type by Yohannes Gutenberg, the fall of Constantinople to the Islamic Turks and Erasmus putting together his Greek New Testament.

Gutenberg did not invent the printing press. He did invent the moveable type that allowed him to print his Bible. It didn't sell well but it did prepare the way for the Reformation Bibles of Luther, Tyndale, Coverdale, etc.

At the fall of Constantinople, all the scholars took their manuscripts and headed West to Germany and England. They began to introduce the Greek languages back into the universities.

At that time there was a Catholic priest named Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. After studying the Scriptures he began to be burdened that the Scriptures might be put into the language of the people. Erasmus said, 'I would that God would have the plow boy sing text of the Scripture as he plows the field and that the weaver would hum them to the tune of his shovel.' He put all of the New Testament together in one book in 1516.

William Tyndale received Erasmus's Greek New Testament and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Dr. Brown related the story of Tyndale's firm words at Sodbury Manor that indicated he also desired to see the common person obtain the Word of God. Eventually he went to Worms where he published his 1526 New Testament. They were shipped to England but the St. Paul's Cathedral bishop bought all of them that he could obtain and burned them. Tyndale took the money and published a 1534 revised edition and those were smuggled into England as well.

Tyndale was eventually arrested and taken to an area outside Brussels where he was imprisoned for 500 days. Tyndale would not change his mind but did manage to lead the jailer and his family to the Lord. Ultimately he was charged with heresy and was burned at the stake in 1536 at which time he uttered those classic words, 'Lord, open the King of England's Eyes!'

This great history tour continued as Dr. Brown discussed Myles Coverdale (He produced the first complete Bible in English.), John Rogers (responsible for the Matthews Bible), the Geneva Bible (the first Bible with verse divisions), the Bishops Bible and how we got the beloved King James Bible.

More Information:

To obtain a copy of 'The Indestructible Book: Examining the History of our English Bible' ($45) write to:

Dr. David Brown
Box 151
Oak Creek, WI. 53154

The book is also available through and ​

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