Posted on November 6th, 2015

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Air date: November 6, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Current news stories on various topics are discussed.

Here are just some of the stories included:

Barack Obama has officially rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, thus paving the way for announcing action on the environment on the coming world Climate Summit meeting.

At that Climate Summit, a treaty is proposed which would set up an "International Tribunal of Climate Justice", which would then be given the power to put the United States on trial for violating "climate justice".

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Barack Obama has promised to sign (without authorization from Congress who abrogated their responsibility to approve treaties), will now remove Congress from any input on decisions made by a secret, unaccountable commission which will have sweeping regulatory powers over 40% of the world's economy.

France is lifting the ban on homosexual blood donations, put into place because of the higher risk of the HIV virus, because it is now considered to discriminate against homosexuals.

Male-on-male sexual assaults are increasing in the U.S. military. and the American Psychological Association says such assaults actually are under-reported.

In Britain, ISIS inmates are forcing non-Muslim prisoners to pay a tax known as Jizya, or "protection tax", to keep from being attacked.

The Muslim Brotherhood will have a float in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Veterans Day parade.

Meanwhile, Congress is moving to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

A new study shows fewer Americans are certain of God's existence.

In Massachusetts, a United Church of Christ has hosted a "Drag Gospel Festival" in support of their homosexual and transgender members.

In South Dakota, the state High School Activities Association is moving to allow students to participate in sports reflecting their gender identities, not their biology.

The White House is announcing a ban on the use of the term "juvenile delinquent" in government communications, because it is offensive and unfair.

A pro-amnesty group has created a "Bill of Rights for Undocumented Americans" which includes ten demands that presume illegal aliens have the same rights as U.S. citizens. 

Gun sales in America have set new records each of the last six months.

Plus many other stories.

Posted on November 5th, 2015

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Air date: November 5, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  I. Q. al Rassooli

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I. Q. al Rassooli is an Iraqi exile and an author, who is fluent in Arabic, the language of the basic documents of Islam.   I.Q. left Iraq as a young man to study abroad at a university.  He took advantage of this opportunity to compare the Bible to the Qur’an. 

What he discovered shocked him.  He set out on a 30-year examination of the Qur’an, Hadith, Arab and Islamic Histories, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Bible.  Mr. al-Rassooli is now committed to saving western civilization by exposing the facts and reality of Islam to a Qur’an-ignorant world.  He is the author of Lifting the Veil:  The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam, Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Jim listed a number of recent headlines that highlight the turmoil that has come with the inundation of millions of Muslim "refugees" who quickly begin making demands. A German politician says warns that they cannot guarantee public safety anymore.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns of fresh conflicts in Eastern Europe if countries fail to manage the refugee crisis.  Despite the EU policy of open borders in Europe, many countries are frantically building razor-wire border fences to stem the tide of invaders.

Mr. al-Rassooli says that what is taking place should be no surprise to anyone who understands what Islam is, and what its non-negotiable goals.  He states that anyone willing to read just the first 9 chapters of the Qur’an will find ample evidence of the true nature of Islam.

Not only does he indict Islamic ideology, but Mr. al-Rassooli also presents a scathing critique of Western Leftists, including most of the media, academia, politicians and clergy, who consistently refuse to open their eyes to the serious security threat posed by militant Islam, even as it unfolds before their eyes.

For example, in France, large numbers of Muslims are now routinely blocking streets in Paris on the pretense of needing the space--completely illegally--to hold their impromptu "prayers meetings" whenever they like.  No other group would get away with such behavior, but when it comes to Muslims even the police are afraid to intervene, despite the fact they are breaking the law, and instead protect them by preventing opposition.

There are reports of killings, rapes and gang rapes, crimes, and other atrocities being conducted in various countries by many of the so-called migrants, with little media attention.  Pamela Geller reports a Muslim in Germany who stated "Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not..." 

Yet government leaders in Europe and in the United States refuse to acknowledge the threat of Islam, and they not only speak only positively about it, but also actively promote it's agenda.

Concerning the future of Europe should things continue as they are, Mr. al Rassooli said that if Europeans are not awakened and outraged to the threat to their civilization, their culture, their way of life, and their Christian foundations, by March 2016 it will be too late--Europe will be lost to Islam forever.  Even for the United States, he stated unequivocally that continuing on the present path will mean the end of Western civilization. since civilization cannot exist under a Muslim Caliphate with its Sharia.

There are some signs of a turn to the right as Europeans want to confront the crisis and turn the situation around.  In Germany it has been called a "neo-Nazi revival".

Jim concluded with a challenge for Christians to be lights in the darkness, sharing the Gospel with those who do not know Christ--and that includes Muslims, and to pray that they will come to faith.

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Posted on November 4th, 2015


Air date: November 4, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider reported on several recent votes across the country recently.

A number of votes took place Tuesday, November 3.  In Houston, Texas on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). The purpose of the ordinance is to protect transgenders from discrimination, but it is feared that it would make it easier for sexual predators to commit crimes. The ordinance was rejected by voters by a large margin.

In Ohio, a bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana was defeated.

In Kentucky there was a surprise victory by Matt Bevin, again by a large margin.  That result could change the character of the confrontation between a federal judge and Rowan county clerk, Kim Davis who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. The outgoing governor ignored Kim's request for a religious accommodation. The governor-elect, Matt Bevin, has supported Kim in her predicament, and could reverse the situation once he takes office.  

In San Francisco, the sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi who has been influential in the city's stand as a "sanctuary city", releasing illegal aliens including convicted felons, was defeated.  

Other results showed Virginia defeating a gun control effort, conservatives gaining in many other areas, with several exceptions. 

Looking ahead, Jim gave an overview of the current status of candidates in the Presidential contest, and also poll results projecting which Republicans could defeat Hillary Clinton should she be the Democrat nominee, and which ones would likely lose to her.

Listeners were then invited to give their comments on the latest election results, and on the various candidates for President, and to explain which issues are most important to them.

Posted on November 3rd, 2015


Air date: November 3, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Dakota Wood

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Dakota Wood is the Senior Research Fellow for Defense Programs at the Heritage Foundation. He served for two decades in the U.S. Marine Corp., retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2005.  He was a lead operational/logistics planner for the U.S. Central Command during the initial response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. 

His writings at the Heritage Foundation focus on programs, capabilities, operational concepts and strategies of the U.S. Dept. of Defense, and the individual military services. The purpose is to determine whether they can protect and promote the critical national security interests of the United States. 

There are numerous threats to America and to our interests around the world.  In recent years, Russia has invaded Ukraine, and threatened NATO member nations.  China has been building islands in the South China Sea to host military bases, which will have the potential to threaten their neighbors.  North Korea has a tyrannical dictator, and new military hardware that threatens the destruction of South Korea, and even the United States.  Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon, and is testing long range missiles, as Iran’s leaders continue to vow the destruction of Israel and the United States.  The Islamic state is destroying anything in its path.  Even in Latin America there are the criminal cartels that traffic in drugs and weapons.  In addition, now there is the apparent invasion of supposed Muslim refugees in Europe, with many also coming to the United States.

With all these threats and potential threats, the question is whether America's military forces, including the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, can ensure the United States can protect and promote its critical national security interests--and if it is lacking, how much change is needed.  A critical area is the lack of adequate funding.  Wood also listed the primary military threats to America, and explained why North Korea is at the top of the list.

The 2016 Index of U.S. Military Strength is now available.  It can be found at the Heritage Foundation website.

More Information:

Heritage Foundation website:

Posted on November 2nd, 2015

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Air date: November 2, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Twila Brase

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Twila Brase is President and Co-founder of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom.  She is a certified public health nurse, but has been a watchdog, alerting citizens about health care issues, including private insurance, and government created and regulated health care insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the insurance mandated by the "Affordable Care Act", popularly called "Obamacare".

The Affordable Care Act has officially begun open enrollment for 2016. This is moving forward while yet another challenge goes to the Supreme Court challenging Obamacare, and Congress is in the process of trying to ""un-do"" parts of Obamacare.

Many currently enrolled in Obamacare are having second thoughts, including callers who reported that the subsidy that was supposed to make their monthly premiums "affordable", was disallowed by the IRS, which required that the subsidy amount be repaid--making the monthly premium jump from just over $400, to more than double that amount.

There are continuing problems with the state exchanges--at least 12 of which have closed, leaving their members without coverage until they rep-apply.  Also, a state audit revealed that the New York health exchange was found to have enrolled, at taxpayer expense, 354 deceaseed individuals that had been identified incorrectly as active Medicaid recipients.

There are continuing legal actions being taken, including a new appeal by the Pacific Legal Foundation claiming that the Affordable Care Act violated the Constitution which requires bills that raise taxes to originate in the House of Representatives, not in the Executive Branch of government.  THe foundation  says this problem is just one of may ways that Obamacare is unconstitutional.

In addition, the deadline is approaching on November 9 for public comment on proposed new rules for Obamacare, that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of "sex".  But that term has now been redefined in the proposed rules to include not only the birth sex, but also "sexual identity" professed by the patient that may or may not correspond to their physical characteristics.  Hundreds of references specify how discrimination can be avoided, including treating both the perceived gender and the actual physical body, even when that "perceived gender" changes from day to day.

Twila brase detailed a number of exemptions that can be given as reasons not to join Obamacare--including joining a sharing organization where members help each other directly without insurance, and even a catch-all exemption that allows a person to claim many situations as "hardships".  It is her opinion that no one should join the government program.​

More information:

Posted on October 30th, 2015

​Show Information:

Air date: October 30, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider informed listeners about numerous news items not likely to be brought up or discussed on major network newscasts. Stories included:

--Austrians arming themselves at record rates in order to defend their households from Muslim invaders.

--Islamic gangs in Germany have broken into schools and churches, plundering collection boxes, crosses and other valuables.

--Hundreds of Germans attempting to bring charges of treason against Angela Merkel for her part in opening Germany to mass migration.

--Germans lost their jobs at a four-star hotel so it could house Muslim migrants.

--ISIS is sending a trainee assassin into the U.N. refugee camps to murder Christians.

--Muslim refugees gleefully burning down tents and supplies provided by their hosts to emphasize that they are not receiving what they feel they are entitled to by virtue of their mere arrival on non-Muslim shores.

--Migrants and refugees will be allowed to compete in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

--The full panel of judges on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Constitution does not allow police officers to eject Christians from a public area just because Muslims are threatening violence.

--President Obama says the U.S. and the world's largest Muslim nation (Indonesia) will merge their economies under an agreement whose terms have not been disclosed to Congress or the public.

--Ahmed Mohammed (the clock boy) is now being named to Time Magazine's list of most influential teens of 2015.

--Governor Dayton of Minnesota attended a community conversation about race hosted by the St. Cloud NAACP and told those who are questioning refugee resettlement in the central Minneapolis region to find another state.

--Thousands of Israeli Jews took legal action against Facebook in New York court alleging it allowed jihadists to openly recruit and train terrorists and plan terror attacks on its pages.

--A family in Gaza names their son, 'Knife of Jerusalem' to show solidarity with those Palestinian terrorists responsible for the dozens of attacks on Israeli's this past month.

--2 people injured in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem today.

--More than 300 academics from dozens of British universities have pledged to boycott Israeli academic institutions in protest of what they call intolerable human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

--Despite astonishing statistics on violent crimes committed by illegal aliens the U.S. Senate blocked a bill that was aimed at cracking down on America's nearly 300 sanctuary cities. Laws in sanctuary cities help shield illegal immigrants from deportation even after they've committed felonies.

--The Obama administration is ordering the nation's public schools to support illegal immigrant students, promote the President's amnesty and to embrace and value the diversity and cultural backgrounds of the foreigners receiving a free American taxpayer funded education.
--North Carolina governor signs bill into law that bans any policy that interferes with the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

--New Mexico driver's licenses are about to become a lot less useful and residents can blame the state's insistence on issuing the I.D.'s to illegal immigrants.

--The Department of Justice is beginning the release of some 6,112 federal inmates under the U.S. Sentencing Commission's new sentencing retroactivity guidelines for drug offenders.

--The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Public Health Preparedness Program is currently recruiting for an Ebola coordinator in in the Bureau of EMS and Preparedness.

--According to Microsoft's non-discrimination policy, Christian non-profits need not apply for donated software unless they are willing to hire gay, lesbian and transgender employees.

--American Girl is promoting sin in the November/December issue of their magazine. The issue contains an article about adoption from foster care that includes a picture of a family with 2 dads.

--40 members of Congress have signed a letter to Ukraine parliament leaders urging them to include same-sex protections into Ukraine's new constitution.

--Law firms and scholars came to the defense of Blaine Adamson, the owner of a small printing company who's been ordered by the government to print shirts promoting a gay pride festival and to attend government mandated diversity training.

--Military chaplain, Wesley Modder, has now been cleared of wrongdoing after complaints against him concerning his views on homosexuality.

--The U.S. Justice Department filed a friend of the court brief supporting a transgender student barred by his school from using the restroom that corresponds with his gender identity.

--Russian submarines and spy ships are patrolling near vital undersea cables that carry almost all global Internet communications.

--The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan scrambled jets after 2 Russian navel reconnaissance aircraft flew within 1 nautical mile of the American aircraft carrier as it sailed in international waters east of the Korean Peninsula.

--Law enforcement agencies are being warned about a Halloween revolt by a dangerous anarchist group designed to ambush police officers.

--The U.S. government's main climate research agency has refused a request by House Republicans to release key documents concerning the controversial issue of whether or not there's been a pause in global warming.

--The EPA is asking young people to join a group of youth climate justice leaders.

--The San Francisco Bay area is banning fireplaces and wood stoves from newly constructed buildings.

--2 top senators are probing the IRS's use of secret cell phone tracking systems.

--Candidates fought with moderator over what they felt were dishonest questions and cynical attacks at the recent Republican debate.

--Washington high school football coach put on paid leave for praying with players after games on the 50 yard line.

--The Chinese government is halting its one child policy and replacing it with a policy that will allow couples to obtain permits to have 2 children.

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