News Round-Up

Air Date: April 24, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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A large number of current news stories were highlighted, among them:

--The nation of Turkey is about to opena $100 million mosque in Maryland, which will be the largest and most opulant Islamic facility in the western hemisphere. The President of Turkey invited Barack Obama to attend, and he has agreed to participate in the opening of this mosque.

--An ISIS training publication, called the' Mujahid Guide', has been released which tells would-be and newbie terrorists how to navigate' unfamiliar lands ' such as the United States so as to avoid detection and arrest. It tells them how to hide their Muslim faith, how to blend in with their surroundings, how to be 'secret agents', how to raise money through credit card fraud, and how to keep their use of the Internet anonymous so it cannot be tracked. The underlying message is that Muslims currently in the West are ready to rise from their secret ranks and initiate attacks at a moment's notice.

--The nephew of Iran's ruling Ayatollah has sent an open letter to Barack Obama stating that his uncle was lying during the negotions with the United States over Iran's nuclear weapons program.

--Dish Network is being asked to drop carrying the pro-Mulsim Al Jazeera Network

--A new documentary warns that Islam will soon dominate Europe, and then the United States

--Oklahoma has passed a law protecting pastors and churches who do not participate in same-sex "wedding" ceremonies.

--Peter Singer, the 'Ethics' professor at Princeton University says it is morally acceptable to ration health care and thus enact 'non-voluntary euthanasia' on people who for one reason or another cannot understand the choice between life and death, including disabled babies, the elderly with dimentia, and others whose cognitive powers have been diminished through accidents.

--Dr. Ben Carson, a potential conservative Presidential Candidate, has lost the support of many conservatives after endorsing Ohio Senator Rob Portman for re-election, even though Portman has changed his position and now supports 'same-sex marriage'.

--Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is receiving praise for his strong statement of support for traditional marriage based on his faith, and for calling out gay-rights groups and even some corporations for their "bullying" tactics to try to force states to support gay marriage, as occurred recently in Indiana.

--Liberal Baptist Tony Compolo has urged Christians to support and vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

--The U.S. Senate has confirmed the nomination of Loretta Lynch, whose views mirror that of the disgraced Eric Holder, to be the next Attorney General, with the support of a Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and a number of other Republicans including some who normally hold conservative positions.

--Because of the surge of immigrants--both legal and illegal--in the next years, immigration will accounts 82% of the population growth in the United States

--In a recent speech Barack Obama admitted that an unborn baby actually has feet that kick

--The 'Non-Human Rights Project' is suing for equal rights for chimpanzees

and many more stories

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