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Air Date: December 19, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason


Vic Eliason wrapped up this full week before Christmas with details regarding the following news stories:

­­Judge issues a memorandum opinion stating that President Obama's executive action on immigration is unconstitutional.

­­Police scan social media in order to assess your threat rating.

­­Washington sheriff's deputy says we need new mine resistant vehicles to deal with constitutionalists.

­­First of 2 radar detecting blimps is slated to rise over a proving ground area in Maryland as part of an Army air surveillance system.

­­IRS warns of possible temporary shutdown due to budget cuts.

­­North Korea planned attacks on U.S. nuke plants in major cities in the 1990's.

­­North Korea may have the capability to bring down the U.S. power grid.

­­Evidence in Sony hack attack points to possible involvement by Iran, China and Russia.

­­Obamacare is being blamed for killing acute care hospitals.

­­Obamacare is rationing lifesaving medical care.

­­The church in Scotland taking a big step toward ordaining practicing homosexual ministers.

­­Tel Aviv to host gay winter festival.

­­Sweden hints at a gender neutral Christmas.

­­Wal­Mart gives a major grant to gay and lesbian victory fund.

­­Jeb Bush's decision to explore a run at the presidency is met with both scorn and praise from national conservatives.

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