News Round-Up

Air Date: April 17, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider brought listeners up-to-date on the latest activities in the news by presenting the following stories:

--Parents and students show support for former teacher in Lamar, Texas, over
Islamic handout controversy.
--Union Grove High School in Union Grove, Wisconsin, embroiled in controversy over
assignment that required students to write a 5 paragraph essay pretending to be
a Muslim and the daily struggles they would face as a student in the U.S.
--A school in Mason, Ohio, had a 'covered girl challenge' in which the Muslim
Student Association asked female students to wear a hijab to celebrate the
diversity of the school and promote open-mindedness.
--Iowa high school barred from starting a pro-life club on campus because it's
--Italian police say 15 African Muslim migrants arrested after witnesses claim the
refugees threw 12 Christians into the Mediterranean after a brawl.
--14 year old Christian boy doused with petroleum and set on fire because of his
faith died Tuesday in Pakistan.
--Islamic State militants in Mosul abduct 120 children from their classrooms to
ship to caliphate training camps.
--Global anti-semitism on the rise. Three-fifths of all religious hate crimes in
America are now committed against Jews.
--Officials at New York high school investigating a report of students wearing
shirts with pro-Nazi artwork/wording.
--21 year old man arrested for allegedly throwing firecrackers at a synagogue
while yelling Allahu Akbar.
--Christians are leaving the U.S. military or discouraged from joining due to a
work environment hostile to Christian beliefs.
--Navy chaplain removed from his post for private counseling advocating against
homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.
--Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institution labels the Bible, the
Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as sexist materials.
--Letters sent to six public universities after the schools receive complaints
from the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrongly stating that having basketball
team chaplains is unconstitutional.
--The words 'under God' stand firm in latest challenge by the American Humanist
--President Obama wields pen to begin the process of removing Cuba from the list
of state sponsors of terrorism.
--Ferguson, Missouri, riots prompted discussions about the need to demilitarize
police forces but now the trend seems to be going the opposite way.
--A bill from Congress that would enable them to review any nuclear deal with Iran
is coming under fire for allegedly altering the Constitution's requirements for
--Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum says he would not attend a same-sex wedding.
--Director of I.C.E. tells House Judiciary Committee that agents who do not
enforce the President's immigration priorities outlined in his November 20th
Department of Homeland Security memo could be fired for not following an agency
--Parents in Spokane, Washington, school district warned that children could be
pulled from classes if they aren't state compliant with vaccinations.
--Colorado officials reject discrimination complaint by man who said some
bakeries refused to make cakes with Bible verses.
--Liberty Counsel files brief before the U.S. Supreme Court to review the 3rd
Circuit's decision in King vs. Christie. This is Liberty Counsel's case on
behalf of licensed mental health professionals who are providing counseling to
reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions.
--White House decries therapy for homosexuals saying it should be illegal.
--Gay advocacy group releases report claiming that the number of Hollywood films
showing homosexual behavior has risen to a high of nearly 16 percent of films
released in 2014. Activists are not satisfied claiming a lack of leading roles
for homosexuals.

--Researchers in Hawaii recruiting girls as young as 14 to participate in second
trimester abortions in order to test whether a certain drug can reduce bleeding
during and after an abortion.

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Union Grove School District--262-878-2434
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