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Kids Kamp FAQ’s

The following is information for registered campers and their parents....

What is a normal day of camp like?
Campers will wake up each morning, get ready for the day and clean their cabin for cabin inspections. From there they will head over with their counselor to flag raising. Then, it’s time for breakfast! An hour long chapel session follows a time of personal devotions. Then it’s time to get active and participate for a morning group activity followed by a hearty lunch. During rest time, campers and their counselors get a chance to spend a short time in their bunks to rest up for an afternoon of exciting activities.

The afternoon may include a group activity, swimming, go-karts or even a trip to the lake. Campers can also stop in at the snack shop and game room during the afternoon for an energy boost and some time in the shade. Supper comes at just the right time to satisfy the bellies of hungry campers.

An evening Bible session follows supper to get some more spiritual food. The game room, snack shop and country store are opened up again for a few minutes of recreation. Then it’s time for a night activity. This may be a flashlight hike, a hayride or a surprise from our program director.

The day is finished off with a time of cabin devotions led by our counselors. Then, it’s time to hit the sack and get ready for another day of excitement and learning from God’s Word!

What are the age requirements for Kids Kamp?
Kids Kamp is for those ages 8-13. Fourteen year-olds will be accepted for a week of camp if they turned 14 four months or less before the week of camp for which they are applying.

Will my children be supervised?
Yes, your campers will be supervised the whole week. Each camper has a counselor to watch over them and assure the welfare of the campers assigned to them.

How are camp volunteers screened and/or background checked?
We have a state background check done for every volunteer who comes to camp during the summer. We also ask for a personal salvation testimony along with three personal references plus their pastor's name and number to call and ask for a recommendation on them.

What do they have to bring?
Bible, notebook and pen
Pillow and Sleeping bag or bedding
Personal toiletries 
Good walking shoes
Small backpack, camera and flashlight
Swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, water bottle
Two towels (pool towel and shower towel)
Plenty of clothes to last the week
One set of clothes you don’t mind getting muddy
Spending money (suggested $20-$35)
Any prescription medications you will need
An instrument (if you will be using it for talent night)​

What should they not bring?
Alcoholic beverages
weapons of any kind
laser pointers
tobacco products
inappropriate books or magazines
Electronic devices includes cell phones
mp3 players or iPods
portable video games
Food is not allowed in the cabins, so please do not send snacks with your campers.  They will be fed well at meal times and will have many opportunities to purchase snacks from the snack shop.
NOTE: Any banned item found in any campers possession 
will be confiscated and returned to the parents 
upon picking up their camper.​

How long does a week of camp last?
Camp check-in and drop-off goes from 9 AM to 11 AM on Monday. Campers are to be picked up between 9 AM and 10 AM on Saturday.
It is extremely important that drivers be punctual in dropping off and picking up their campers.

Can I stay there with them?
The only way you can stay at camp with your child is if you volunteer to work at Trail Ridge for the week. See the section for Volunteer FAQ’s for more information.

Can I contact somebody at camp in case of emergency?
Yes. The phone number for Trail Ridge is 608-489-3810. However, we ask that you do not call this number just so you can talk to your camper during the week. Also, if there is a concern or emergency with your child, we will contact you, as parents, immediately so be sure to completely fill out the contact information on your camper’s registration.

What are their accommodations?
Campers stay in gender restricted campsites with other campers their age and their counselors. There are several bunk beds in the cabin and a shower house just a short walk away.

What kind of clothes should they bring?
Campers need to dress modestly and appropriately for all activities. Make sure they have enough clean clothes to last a whole week. Campers need to bring at least one pair of long pants for evening activities, a sweatshirt, a modest bathing suit for the pool and appropriate walking shoes. Bringing a rain coat or umbrella would also be a good idea. Please do not send flip flops with your campers- there is a lot of uneven ground and gravel roads on which the campers will be walking. No tank tops are allowed. Straps on shirts need to be at least three finger-widths. All shorts need to be no more than three inches above the knee when sitting. Skirts and dresses should cover the knee when sitting.

Do my kids need spending money?
Spending money is not an absolute necessity, however the opportunity for buying some souvenirs, real maple syrup from our trees, toiletries and snacks is available each day.

How do I sign them up?
1. Register online
2. Download the Registration Form, (.pdf file), or
3. Call the VCY main office at 1-800-729-9829 and ask that a Kids Kamp Brochure and registration form be sent to you, or
4. Email us at and ask for a brochure and registration form.

How many chapel sessions are there?
Throughout the week, there are 9 one hour chapel sessions. Sessions include a time of songs as well as a message from God’s Word.

Do you have a camp nurse?
Yes, each week there is a "Health Care Supervisor" on the campgrounds. They are in charge of dispensing medications and taking care of any and all other medical concerns. We also have a certified lifeguard on hand for all pool and waterfront activities.

Can I write my camper while they are at camp?
Getting hand-written letters from home is a very exciting experience at camp. Make sure, though, that you send the letter soon enough in advance so your camper will get the letter before the end of the week. Usually any letter sent after Wednesday will not make it to them in time. The address you can send mail to is:
(Camper’s Name)
c/o Trail Ridge Camp
S2695 Cherith Way
Hillsboro, WI 54634

During the summer there will also be an email your camper link on the homepage.

I still have more questions. How can I get them answered?
If you have any other questions, we would be glad to get them answered for you. Just call the camp office during regular business hours or email us at and we’ll get your questions answered as quickly as possible.
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