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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions
These descriptions include duties in each field respectively. However, duties are not limited to these items. There may be more or less involved, depending on the circumstances each week. These descriptions are meant to give a general idea of what may be expected while volunteering.

Kitchen Crew
-Assist in preparing meals during the week
-Keep the kitchen and dining hall clean & neat
-Operate Dishwasher
-Help in staffing the snack shop and country store

Grounds Crew
-Mowing and weed whacking
-Tree trimming
-Building and repair projects

Housekeeping Crew
-Restroom Sanitation
-Remove Waste from all major locations
-Help run the snack shop and country store
-45 minutes after start of every meal begin to remove
Waste from dining hall

-Must be currently certified
-Will oversee all pool and waterfront activities

-Supervise campers assigned to you
-Participate in all camp activities with your campers.
-Lead in group devotions
-Lead the campers emotionally, spiritually and physically

-Must be a currently licensed Doctor, RN, LPN, EMT or Paramedic
-Will oversee the healthcare of all campers and staff
-Responsible for dispensing medications
-Re-filling coolers at water stations
-Emotional, physical and spiritual support for campers

-Vehicle and machine maintenance & lubrication

General Information

Upon receipt of this completed application, we will be doing the following:
-Request a criminal background check from the state government
-Review the application prayerfully
-Call your pastor and/or references
We will notify you of our decision based on this application no later than June 8th, 2016
Dress Code:
-Avoid extremes or immodesty in all manner of dress.  “Let your moderation be known unto all men.  The Lord is at hand” (Phil. 4:5).  Remember to set your standards high, be a Godly example and let what you wear be honoring to the Lord.
-Please be aware of the dress code below that we are sending to the campers and that you will be a role model to them while at Trail Ridge Camp.
Dress Code
Please send clothes to camp with modesty in mind.  No tight fitting or spandex clothing is allowed.  Please send at least one pair of long pants and at least one set of clothes you don’t mind getting very dirty.  Some other clothing items you may want to send with your camper: sweatshirt, hat, rain poncho or rain coat, and an extra pair of shoes.  Please send good, solid walking shoes with your camper. Sandals are good for walking to and from the pool, but in a high energy environment like camp, sandals tend to break easily. If you send sandals with your camper, make sure they are a sturdy sandal. 
Girls— All shorts, skirts and dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh. Tops should be t-shirts or full cover for protection from the sun as well as for modesty. (no spaghetti straps) Bathing suits must be 1-piece. If a female camper brings a 2 piece suit, she must wear a dark colored t-shirt over it while swimming. 
Boys—No tank tops will be allowed.  Bathing suits must be modest boxer-type swim trunks.