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Trail Ridge Volunteer FAQ’s

Do you really need my help?

YES! There are always different areas for people to be able to serve year round.  If you are interested in helping with a special project during the "off season" feel free to contact the camp office. 
We have opportunities in the following areas during our weeks of summer camp:

-Kitchen Crew:
~Assist in cooking
~Serve food in a buffet line to campers
~Wash Dishes
~Clean up the dining hall after meals
~Selling snacks and souvenirs to campers at the Snack Shop and Camp Store

-Grounds Crew:
~Mowing with tractors, zero-turn lawn mowers, yard tractors
~Weed whacking around buildings
~Painting projects
~Splitting wood
~Landscaping projects
~Setting up a campfire for bonfire night
~Watering and weeding flower beds

-Activities Assistants:
~Assist program director in preparing, facilitating, setting up and cleaning up activities

-Housekeeping Crew:
~Clean washrooms around camp
~Various cleaning jobs around camp

~Current certification required
~Be in good physical condition
~Supervise all pool and waterfront activities 

-Health Care Supervisor:
~Must be a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), EMT, Paramedic
or Doctor

How are camp volunteers screened and/or background checked?
We have a state background check done for every volunteer who comes to camp during the summer. We also ask for a personal salvation testimony along with three personal references plus their pastor's name and number to call and ask for a recommendation on them.​

Where will I be staying at camp?
~All single volunteers will be housed in gender restricted, air conditioned dorms in the Thomas Center (Administration building).
~All married volunteers (except counselors) who have their spouse at camp will be provided with an air conditioned modular home. These homes have 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen and living room. These homes may be shared between two couples depending on the number of available modular homes that week.

What will I do with my car during the week at camp?
A designated parking lot is available for all volunteers who bring vehicles to camp.

Can I just volunteer for a day or a weekend and not the whole week?
Absolutely! You can contact the camp office and ask for information about volunteering for a time shorter than one week. There are many day and weekend projects available.

Do I have to volunteer during the summer, or is there off-season work that can be done?
There are many jobs at camp that can be done in the off-season. Things like mowing and cleaning especially are some examples of continuous projects at camp.

May I stay to volunteer for more than one week during the camp season?
Absolutely! It is a great help if you volunteer for more than one week to add consistency to the program.

How do I sign up?
Adults can apply online or download an application and teens can apply online or download an application or you can call in to the VCY offices 1-800-729-9829 to have an application sent to you.

Is there a fee to volunteer?
No, there is no fee to be a volunteer at camp. In fact, if you are a parent and volunteering and are interested in sending some of your kids to camp, you are eligible for a discount!

What discounts do I get for my children if I volunteer?
If you are a parent or grandparent who is volunteering for a week of camp and you are interested in bringing some of your own children or grandchildren as campers:
-The cost for one child will be $120.
-The cost for any of your children after that will be $160 each.
-No other discount applies if you receive this discount
-This discount will not apply for any child other than your immediate children.

What do I need to bring?
All volunteers should bring:
-A Bible with a notebook and pen
-Bedding (unless you will be staying in a modular home)
-Towels and toiletries
-Any medications you will need throughout the week
-Appropriate walking shoes
-Enough clothes for a week appropriate to your duties

How old do I have to be?
Teen volunteers may be ages 15-18. Make sure you fill out the special application for volunteers under age 18.

Adult volunteers can be age 18+

How long is a week of camp?
A week of camp for the volunteers starts at 5:30 on the Sunday night previous to your week at camp. Sunday night we will serve a staff supper, have a time of fellowship and a time of orientation and assigning duties. Camp lasts all week until Saturday morning after breakfast.

What training will I get?
Upon acceptance as a volunteer, orientation materials will be sent to you. Also, the Sunday night previous to your week at camp will be a time of orientation as well as a time to answer any other questions you may have.
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