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News Roundup & Comment

Date: June 21, 2024 Host: Jim Schneider MP3 | Order Crosstalk listeners get caught up on news stories from around the world each Friday.  Here’s a selection of stories that Jim presented this week: …


He Lowers to Raise

Warning Labels on Social Media Platforms


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33 seats left: VCY Boston Heritage Trip! Oct 15-18, 2024

Register now! On September 6th, 1620, 102 passengers left Plymouth, England for a voyage on the Mayflower. Provisions were low, conditions were cramped, and the waves kept crashing on the …

Days of Praise Thank You!


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News Roundup & Comment

Date: June 21, 2024 Host: Jim Schneider MP3 | Order Crosstalk listeners get caught up on news stories from around the world each Friday.  Here’s a selection of stories that Jim presented this week: …

Biden Amnesty Infuriates Border Security

Israel Update

In Focus

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inFocus 5/20/24 “40 Years Of Parental Control in Education!”

In Focus is a live call-in program airing on WVCY-TV30 and VCYAmerica.TV Monday Nights at 7 PM, and repeated at midnight, 5 AM, and Noon.


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Andy Woods Rally – The Signs of the Times

On April 27, 2024 Dr. Andy Woods spoke at the Waukesha Expo for the VCY America Rally. The presentation is entitled, “The Signs of the Times.” Special music was provided …

Bill Federer – Silence Equals Consent

From the Director

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From the Director

“We Have Forgotten God” By Jim Schneider, Executive DirectorVCY America It was on July 4, 1776 that the Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence.  A …

From the Director

From the Director

Fast Facts

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Fast Facts: Zebra (Part 3)

I’m Carl Kerby. Zebras are known for their stripes, but God has equipped them with other self- defense tools as well. Their eyes are perfectly located on the side of …

Fast Facts: Zebra (Part 2)

Fast Facts: Zebra (Part 1)

Bible Reading Challenge

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June 23 – The “Uncool” River that Cleanses!

TODAY’S BIBLE READING CHALLENGE:   2 Kings 4:18-5:27   Acts 15:1-35   Psalm 141:1-10   Proverbs 17:23 2 Kings 4:28 — The honest cry of a woman to the prophet comes out in this verse. She …

June 22 – Come with Me to Paris

June 21 – Is There Not a God in Israel?

Christian Heritage

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David Saxon

The Lone Star Revival

The story of the Lone Star Revival begins in the 1830s, when Samuel and Roenna Day sailed to India to work as missionaries. By 1840, the Days were fairly fluid …

America’s Founding Pastors

What Is Revival? – Part II

Prophecy Q & A

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When John Was on the Isle of Patmos, Did He Receive the Book of Revelation All at Once or Over a Period of Time?

As we study the Word of God, it doesn’t say that it happened exactly on the Lord’s Day, Sunday afternoon, while John was on the Isle of Patmos. Revelation 1:1 …

What Is the Meaning of Luke 4:17-20?

Patriots of the Past

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John Adams – July 7, 1826

It’s July 7, 1826. I’m at a tea party with Caroline Adams, the granddaughter of our second president, John Adams. JG: “Caroline, what words of wisdom did your grandfather leave …

George Washington – September 19, 1796

Grace and Rachel Martin – July 9, 1780

Apologetics with Carl Ke

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Stephen Hawking (Part 2)

Some atheists don’t seem to really care whether or not God exists — they just want Him out of the picture. In a 2010 interview on ABC News, the late …

Stephen Hawking (Part 1)

Richard Dawkins (Part 3)

Faith’s Checkbook

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He Lowers to Raise

The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up. (1 Samuel 2:7) All my changes come from Him who never changes. If I had grown rich, …

Confidence Not Misplaced

Wisconsin Family Connection

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Warning Labels on Social Media Platforms U.S. surgeon general has called on Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms and their effects on young people’s lives, similar to those now mandatory on cigarette …

Republicans Unveil a Right to IVF

Building Great Leaders

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Building Great Leaders – Trials And Temptations Christians Face, Part 2

Les Ollila is an evangelist who served as the second president (1984-2002) and then chancellor (2002-2013) of Northland Baptist Bible College (1976-2015), later Northland International University. In 2013, Ollila began …

Share Life

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No One Is Too Far Gone Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today. Have you ever known someone who seemed so far from wanting a relationship …

Pastor Tomo’s Hope

From Trepidation to Inspiration

Life Issues

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Targeted Persecution

Department of Justice and prison officials are committing targeted persecution toward peaceful pro-lifers arrested and convicted for violating the FACE Act, a law passed under Clinton to target pro-lifers.  Jean …

Another Trick from Abortion Politicians

All That Complaining

Creation Moments

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The Body’s Fleeting Workers

Inside your body there is a large and amazing family of chemical workers who, although they usually last less than a minute, make life possible. There are so many different …

Bats Who Feed Trees

Phyllis Schlafly Report

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Government Resists the Simple Solution

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles · June 21 | Do the Simple Solution Photo: Editorial cartoon about the Perdicaris Incident; public domain A big part of politics is problem-solving. When issues threatening the rights or safety of the citizens arise, our elected officials must solve those problems. National defense is a must, and limitation on the government’s […]

Ukraine War Hurts Biden’s Campaign

Transgender Madness in Children’s Sports

Freedom’s Call with Mat Staver

American Doctors Call for Immediate “Stop” to Gender Ideology on Children

Doctors must return to sound science and reaffirm their oath to “First, do no harm.” Constitutional expert, lawyer, author, pastor, and founder of Liberty Counsel Mat Staver highlights in 60 seconds the important topics of the day that impact life, liberty, and family. To stay informed and get involved, visit 
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Viewpoints with Kerby Anderson


Penna Dexter
I recently returned from a trip to Greece. One cannot go far in that country without being confronted with evidence of the rise and fall of great civilizations.
We spent a day in and around Corinth, a wealthy ancient Greek city, destroyed by the Romans in 156 BC.
The Romans killed all the men in Corinth and enslaved the women — and the children. The victorious Roman army sacked the city, utterly destroying it.
In 146-144 BC, Julius Caesar settled Corinth as a Roman colony. The Romans rebuilt it.
The Corinth the apostle Paul visited was Roman — again a great city which, because of its location, was the crossroads of civilization. Paul started from Athens and went to Corinth to end his second missionary journey.
At that time, Corinth was the commercial center of the world. Our tour leader compared Athens to Boston. But Corinth, he told us, was like New York City. He likened the ceramic earthen vessel, the main receptacle for storage and transport in this prosperous society, to the ubiquitous cardboard box which characterizes commerce today.
Corinth was filled with carnality and corruption. Ancient Gods, both Greek and then Roman, were corrupt. Greece’s most beautiful women worshipped Aphrodite through their bodies in temples dedicated to her. People indulged their vices.
Paul was an urban evangelist. When Paul got to Corinth, he had to teach people what sin is.
Rod Dreher’s newsletter recently referred to William Ophuls’ book, Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail. There comes a time for them when, “The majority lives for bread and circuses; worships celebrities instead of divinities; takes its bearings from below rather than above; throws off social and moral restraints, especially on sexuality; shirks duties but insists on entitlements; and so forth.”
William Ophuls continues: “The society’s original vigor, virtue, and morale have been entirely effaced. Rotten to the core, the society awaits collapse, with only the date remaining to be determined.”
We must ask: How near are we to this?

End of Everything

World Needs the West