Listen to Kid’s Talk

Listen to Kids Talk every weekend on your VCY America station or online! Kids Talk features music, stories, and Bible teaching just for kids. Be a regular listener to Uncle Aaron and Aunt Amber each week on Kids Talk to enjoy hearing about the Birthday Club and opportunities for kids to write in to the hosts of the program.

Join the VCY Birthday Club

The VCY Birthday Club is a free program for kids up to age 12. Members of the Birthday Club will recieve a birthday card and a small gift each year on their birthday. Those in our radio listening area will hear their names read on the Kids Talk program preceding their birthday. When a Birthday Club member turns 12 years old, they officially “graduate” from the Birthday Club, and will receive an extra special gift in the mail.
Sign up at least 60 days in advance of your birthday by completing the registration form below.

Ask for parent’s/legal guardian’s permission before signing up for the Birthday Club!

Join the VCY Birthday Club HERE!