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News Round-Up 2-12-16
Posted on February 12th, 2016

​​​Date:  February 12, 2016

Host:   Jim Schneider  
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On Fridays, Crosstalk is the place to get caught up on much of the news that happens during the week. Jim presented the stories listed below and followed up with listener comment:

--Was the attack in Columbus, Ohio, last evening by a Somali Muslim a terrorist
attack or a 'lone wolf' attack?
--ISIS supporter arrested in terrorist charges in the State of Washington.
--Attempted murder of corrections officer in the State of Washington last month by
inmate yelling Allahu Akbar.
--Muslim NHL player allegedly threatens to slit the throat of an opposing player.
--Muslim woman opens up a session of prayer on the floor of the Wisconsin State
--ISIS opens up a technical help-desk that instructs terrorists on how to hide
from Western authorities.
--America's top intelligence official confirms that ISIS has successfully produced
and deployed chemical agents in Iraq and Syria.
--Iraqi security forces now have complete control of the city of Ramadi,
however,there are thousands and possibly tens of thousands of booby traps, IED's
and houses rigged to blow.
--The Pentagon is not committing to meeting a congressionally mandated deadline to
present lawmakers with the Obama administration's plan to defeat the self-
proclaimed Islamic State.
--Chelsea Clinton says that she left the Baptist church at the age of six because
it had a strong pro-life position opposing abortions.
--President Obama removed pro-life embryo protection language from the proposed
2017 budget that was released on Tuesday.
--Pro-abortion groups upset over Doritos ad that features a woman getting an
ultrasound while the baby attempts to reach out for the chip while in the womb.
--A company contracting with the Planned Parenthood abortion business in Missouri
has been caught shipping the bodies of aborted babies out of state as medical
waste in violation of the state permit of another medical waste processing
company in Indiana.
--Wisconsin State Assembly approves bill to further defund Planned Parenthood.
--Winter Haven, Florida, abortion clinic shuts down.
--Kentucky lawmakers advance a bill requiring doctors to perform ultrasounds prior
to abortions.
--A Missouri state judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a satanic organization
challenging Missouri's 72 hour waiting period and informed consent laws on
--Michigan Senate committee approved legislation to outlaw the sale of aborted
fetal tissue and organs.
--Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he will promote LGBT equality as
--First American kidney and liver transplant between people with HIV will be
performed by researchers at Johns-Hopkins University.
--Hallmark Cards stirs controversy over a Valentines Day ad campaign featuring gay
couples talking about their romantic relationships.
--New NBC sitcom suggests that Jesus is a homosexual.
--Presbyterian Church USA needs funding to sustain member losses after their
endorsement of same-sex marriage.
--The Washington Post indicates that 2016 could be a very difficult year for LGBT
--South Dakota legislation would make them the first state in the nation to pass a
law that would prevent trans youth in public schools from using rest rooms and
other facilities consistent with their gender identity.
--West Virginia passes anti-LGBT bill.
--Dozens of African-American pastors recently gathered at a private event for pro-
abortion, homosexual marriage advocate Hillary Clinton and laid hands on her to
decree and declare the favor of the Lord on her for the presidency.
--Hillary Clinton is actually a winner of the number of delegates earned even
though she lost the New Hampshire primary.
--Judge orders the U.S. State Department to complete by February 29th its public
release of the Hillary Clinton work e-mails from her time as Secretary of State.
--Madeleine Albright says there's a special place in hell for women who don't
support Hillary Clinton.
--Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders vows to advance abortion on demand and the
LGBT political agenda if elected.
--Sanders says he will guarantee health care to everyone, public colleges and
universities will be tuition free and he will spend trillions of dollars
rebuilding the nation's infrastructure.
--Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina leave the Republican race for the White House.
--Rubio, Bush and Christie, all fathers of girls, could not point to a single
reason why American women should not be forced to serve in the military.
--Youthful voters in greater numbers are coming around to the idea of socialism.
--Ford Motor Company to double production at a Mexico facility.
--GM planning a 5 billion expansion in Mexico.
--The White House announced its partial opposition to a new bipartisan trade bill
because a portion of the legislation would strengthen the U.S./Israeli economic
--The nation's top intelligence officer admitted that the government may use
information transmitted to the Internet from your washing machine, your
thermostat, your television, your refrigerator or your favorite video game
against you.

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