LGBT Agenda Impacts Both Church and Society

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Air Date: February 16, 2015

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Peter LaBarbera

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The homosexual agenda continues its assault on both the church and society. Vic had Peter LaBarbera, the founder and president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality comment on numerous items that prove the point. They included:

–Stan Mitchel, the pastor of Grace Pointe megachurch in Franklin, Tennessee, has told his congregation that practicing homosexuals can be card carrying members of his protestant church and can also hold their weddings in the sanctuary.

–Alabama Justice Roy Moore has told state probate judges not to comply with orders to allow same-sex marriages.

–Teens at a California high school were publicly shamed for disagreeing with the speakers that were allowed to enter the school and promote the LGBT agenda during an English class.

–There was a Creating Change conference put on by the National LGBTQ Task Force (formerly the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force). Southwest Airlines is a national corporate partner of this group and conference. At the conference last week, they had a documentary called ‘Corpus Christi-Playing with Redemption’. In this documentary, Jesus is portrayed as a homosexual who officiates a homosexual wedding ceremony between two of his disciples. The documentary also depicts Jesus as having had homosexual relations with Judas. Office Depot, Comcast/NBC, Wells-Fargo and Hilton were sponsors.

–The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing a Jewish organization called Jonah that helps homosexuals leave the lifestyle. The SPLC is claiming that Jonah is guilty of consumer fraud by claiming that anyone can overcome homosexuality.

–The Davis-Monthan airbase near Tuscon, Arizona, was flying an American flag with rainbow stripes instead of the red and white stripes.

–The ‘Q’ in LGBTQ: What does it mean?

–Army private Bradley Manning is in prison for treason but in 2013 he changed his name to Chelsea Manning. Now it’s being reported that the Army has approved hormone therapy for him so that he can transition to having the appearance of a female at Fort Leavenworth.

–Peter posted a column on his website recently indicating that children in homes led by homosexuals have more emotional problems than children coming from homes led by heterosexuals.

–A new girls troop exists in Oakland, California, called the Radical Brownies.

–Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas is taking heat for rescinding a sexual orientation, non discrimination executive order signed by former Governor Kathleen Sebellius that created special rights based upon homosexuality.

–Right now aspiring presidential candidates are making their case to become the nominee for president in 2016 and a number of them are avoiding the topic of marriage.

–President Obama has been ‘outed’ as having supported same-sex marriage because when he first ran for president he said he was in opposition to it. Now he’s claiming he didn’t lie, he was just misunderstood.

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